Fleet Insurance Origin of the Word Fleet

7 October, 2013

Here at the insurance broker that employs me, “Fleet Insurance” trips off the tongue and bounces off web pages all too easily. No one thinks about the expression. Fleet Insurance is simply one of our products, and it is our job to find the cheapest and most suitable cover for our clients. We’re involved in Truck Fleets, car Fleets, van fleets – all kinds of fleet.

While I was studying my for my A Level exams, I was given a life-long interest in etymology after reading Simeon Potter’s book, ‘Our Language’. I enjoy trying to decipher the origins of words, and have realised that by researching the origins, I have gained a deeper understanding of the word itself. Before researching, I believed a ‘fleet’ referred basically to there being ‘more than one’ of any given thing, and that the word dated back to the times when the empire had fleets of ships at its command.

In a moment of weakness, I decided to look it up. It must have more history that that, I thought. And I was right. According to a brilliant web site I have found, called Word-Origins, Fleet comes from a very old Indo European word – pleu-, meaning ‘flow, float’ but the actual word Fleet comes from another derivation of the plue which is the German word fleutan which means ‘float, swim’.

There is a lot more on the page, so if you are interested you ought to have a look. I was interested to see that Fleet Street has got nothing to do with ships, but relates to an inlet from the Thames, and that the word “fleeting” as in “fleeting glance” is all that’s left in our language from the old verb. In the 16th century it adopted a sense of transience.

Searching the origins of words gives you a little insight into what some insurance brokers do when they aren’t finding the best quotes for their customers. I’m sure all the other insurance categories we cover have equally interesting names, and I will research them when I have the time.

Fleet insurance is available to households or businesses, to get more information, visit Coversure. They are a reputable independent broker who can secure you a grea deal on you fleet insurance.. This article, Fleet Insurance; Origin Of The Word Fleet has free reprint rights.

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