Forget the Claims Companies Heres How You Could Claim S Back in Ppi for the Cost of Just a Stamp

9 September, 2016

Here’s a template of a letter that I drafted and have used successfully to get £15,000 back from three different lenders. 

Just put your own name, address and account details at the top and fire it off to anyone that you have borrowed money from. Don’t be put off by tales of having to have all sorts of information and statements to provide to the bank.  I did nothing beyond sending the letter. This was as simple as sending in the letter, receiving an acknowledgement and then, 8 weeks later, a cheque for the dosh – just do it!

Do not get ripped off twice by allowing some claim company to do it for you, it is not necessary.

I have had one application refused, so am preparing my case for the Ombudsman and will keep you posted as it progresses.

Next, a funny story about an obsessive money saver and the day it all went wrong.  Mr Moneysaver and I recently went on holiday and in preparation, I did all the right things – passports and E111s sorted, and even a prepay credit card that had the best available rates for use overseas, duly registered, PIN number activated, all packed and ready to go. 

The first time I went to use it, however, I found that I had left the paper with the PIN number on the mantelpiece at home (or so I thought). I am now the proud owner of a credit card with 1000 euros credited to it and can’t find the PIN – that’s one way of saving money, eh?!

Thought for the day – with the increase in the price of precious metals such as gold and gemstones, just check that your household insurance is sufficient for the increased value of your jewellery and valuables.  I know that an increase in premiums is a downer, but it beats finding that something you treasure isn’t covered by adequate insurance.

On a work front, I was at a pre-tenancy workshop just last week and will be starting to look at how we can help our tenants get a grip of their finances right from the day their tenancy starts.  Exciting stuff, and again watch this space for further details.

Happy budgeting!

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