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10 September, 2014

What is a squeeze page? It is a list building tool. But in this article I am going to look at a list building method that uses the squeeze page as the beginning point of your list building efforts.

First, let’s look at some other names that you will see used. Different internet marketers will refer to the squeeze page as a “lead capture page”, a “landing page”, an “opt-in page”, a “splash page”, etc.

A squeeze page is a web page or web site that is designed to accomplish one thing: obtaining the name and email address of everyone that happens to visit the web site.

The whole idea is to squeeze the visitor’s contact information into a form on the squeeze page so that the visitor is added as a lead or subscriber to your newsletter or list.

There are other reasons for having people on your list, but primarily you want to build a solid relationship with your subscribers.

But, make no mistake about it, the over arching purpose of a list or newsletter is to make sales of your products or your affiliate products. Yes, you must provide very good content for your subscribers; but, in the end you want to present them with your offers so that you can make money online.

Your whole reason for having an internet or affiliate business online is to make money and the squeeze page method of building a list is a primary tool of almost every internet marketer, if not all of them.

Another concept of using a squeeze page is to put the focus on getting your visitor to purchase your product. This article will not cover that aspect of squeeze pages, but will focus on the idea of list building.

That is, obtaining your visitor’s contact information. That will be only goal of this particular web site.
Now, I will introduce the reason that some choose to refer to the squeeze page as an opt-in page. The primary component of the squeeze page is an opt-in form or box as it is sometimes called.

This form or box is a place on the web page so that the visitor can enter his name and email address. Doing so makes the visitor a potential subscriber to your list. Thus the name, the visitor has chosen to opt-in.

The squeeze page method is used by every successful internet marketer. You will not be in the online business long before you will start to see opt-in boxes every day, and most of them will be on squeeze pages. You will, however, also see them on websites and blogs – at least the opt-in box.

The key here is that for list building, the squeeze page method must be laid out and focused on obtaining the visitors name and email address. As you utilize the squeeze page method in your efforts to make money online, your list building efforts will provide online success.

Written By : Lonnie Minton who writes about Promoting Affiliate Programs and Affiliate Marketing in his newsletter, eCourses, and eBooks. Visit his blog at http://www.affiliateinternetbusinessonline.com/. Sign up for his Promoting Affiliate Programs Ezine at http://www.affiliateprofitsezine.com

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