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29 December, 2010

Visit Egypt For An Unforgettable Gay Journey
Traveling with an organization similar to Spirit Journeys is guaranteed to be an amazing adventure every time, but there is nothing like a gay journey to the land of Egypt. The men who go on this trip come home with new friends and memories that they will never forget. The trip is truly unique because they have access to sites that the general public does not have access to.
While making their way down the Nile in Egypt, participants travel on a private sailboat for the river that is called a dahabiya. They find this to be particularly relaxing because of the slow pace and also because they need only unpack once to see the entire country. Since the boat is smaller than average, it can make stops at ports that would be too small for a larger boat.
As they make their way through Egypt, travelers are able to have experiences that are not available to other tourists. They can, for example, go right inside The Great Pyramid and get close enough to the Sphinx to actually stand between his paws. The general public has not been allowed to get that close to these sites in quite some time.
Egypt tends to move people spiritually and this trip is intended to take full advantage of this atmosphere to inspire personal growth. The trip includes time for meditation as well as some basic rituals which are designed to forge a connection both inside and out. Ceremonies will be performed at some of Egypt’s most powerful ancient sites.
When planning to go on a gay journey, every man should consider this amazing trip to Egypt. They will have the chance to experience a beautiful ancient land in a way that many people will never have the chance. This is an excellent opportunity to make new friends and memories that will last a lifetime.
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