General Personal Finance Advice

18 May, 2016

General Personal Finance Advice

Personal finance is an individual’s financial status. It’s about
how much money you have, and how much you need. It is about
managing your money – today and for tomorrow. Money is the
currency on which all world economies function. Income –
expenditure -bills- debts – savings: These are a fact of life. A
constant for most is the endeavor to tip the scales in favor of

Successful financial management includes planning and keeping
records of income and expenditure, budgeting, balancing your
check book, insurance and investments – whether in real estate,
the share market, funds or any of the other available
mechanisms. You cannot overlook the necessity of planning your
savings, your tax savings and your retirement.

A very interesting way to look at Asset and Liability is in the
following terms:

An Asset is anything which brings in money or does not change
the status of your money in the bank. A liability is anything
which causes money to flow out – whether under the pretext of
taxes, interest or fees.

Budgeting – This ensures that you are financially healthy and
flourishing. It is a good idea to create and use a budget
worksheet which allows you to make a detailed expenditure plan
and helps you discover any shortage or unplanned expenditures.

Some useful tips in planning your finances:

– Handle your own money. If you choose a financial consultant,
ensure you understand how your money is being managed. – Save a
huge amount in interest by opting for a shorter tenure of loan
term – home/ car/ personal. – Debt: Should ideally not be
indulged in, or repaid at the earliest. – Savings: it is easier
to save more if you start early – you can put aside small sums
and over the years watch it accumulate and earn interest for
you. – Retirement planning: don’t wait till you are 40 to start.
Begin today – and ensure a comfortable lifestyle in your old
age. Avoid cashing out your PF or breaking your Funds. – It’s a
good idea to do an Annual/ Quarterly financial health check up.

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