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26 June, 2011

Buying Gents Divers Watches, The Facts!

The divers watches that have become firm favorites in the sector and to be seen in nearly all watch makers range are not always suitable for what their name would indicate!

You ought to check before going out and purchasing a divers watch, there are some you would be able to use for scuba diving but most would be suitable only for surface watersports and that’s with restrictions for many, but for many people that isn’t a problem anyway.

Most people choose to purchase a divers watch besides wanting it to tell the time is is the design, in the category of divers watches there are some good looking rugged designs. An example of a great looking divers watches can be found in the Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Collection, although not a copy of a Rolex Submariner it shares enough design features to be mistaken for one in my opinion, also the specification is not too bad either and at a fraction of the cost of a Rolex.

For professional or deep sea diving a specialist divers watch meeting higher standards is required, a divers health and life depends on accurate timing and having once seen one you know it can’t be confused with an ordinary divers watch from a jewelers.

If you are looking at a watch to use when swimming, sailing or fishing a watch with a water restant figure of 100m might be adequate, but look for a figure of 200m for marine work or more serious water sports, but for diving 200m is not enough, you should be looking for a watch water resistant to 1000m!

The water resistant figures for watches are confusing if you don’t realise they refer only to some standardised laboratory tests, you then have to refer to a guide that translates these figures into what real world activities are recommended for a set figure.

If you would like to look at the watch mentioned here and a selection of others along with a water resistant figure chart please look at Gents Watches thank you.

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