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5 March, 2011

He who has the most backlinks wins. If you want people for find your site, you need to demonstrate to Google that your site is worthy of being found by having a reasonable number of sites linking to you. Google measuers your worth of popularity by counting and not disclosing your backlinks. If you have heaps of sites linking back to your website, then you are ahead in the popularity contest. It is kind of like how many friends you have on your favourite social networking site or followers on your favourite microblogging platform. If you have ten thousand followers on Twitter, you are a real star, and are worth looking at.Or you have some special auto techniques or link bait.

Quite a few people must like your site enough to link to it, so the Search Engines has to index and look at it, and checks out your site. If you are really good, the number of backlinks might mean you get a page one result for your targeted keyword. So backlinks can be seen as a measure of your popularity or authority, and this determines what authority Google places on your website. So if you want people to find you, you have to make sure you are getting lots of backlinks . So how do you do that? Sounds like the topic of my next blog post.

I love internet marketing. There are a couple of key principles that you need to be aware of as you get started and get ready to succeed in internet marketing.Step one choose a niche. A niche is a topic or subject that has a market, or a group of people that is interested in that topic. There are lots of online programs and gurus that can help you with niche selection.
Keyword selection is the next most important principle that you need to work through and get across.High search volume keywords are the ones you are looking for.

The keywords need to be searched regularly each month in order for them to be a useful term. The competition for that term needs to be considered as well. The page one results are critical. If they aer full of authority sites, then you need another keyword. If the search results for a term is full of by PR6 or more sites, you need to find another keyword. You just won’t be able beat the big boys. You need to find a longer tail variation of the keyword.

The third fundamental, after you have determined your niche and your keywords and consequently built a site, is how to generate traffic and build backlinks to your site. Soon you will become obsessed with building links. This is essential as Google assesses how important your site based on how many links, and how strong those links are, pointing back to your site. There are numerous ways to build links to your site. Article marketing is one the easiest and fastest ways to build links back to your site. Particularly if the article site syndicates your article, with backlink intact, to other sites in your niche around the World Wide Web. Social bookmarking is another way to get backlinks . Forum posting and blog commenting are other ways to build links. There are a number of automated tools that can help you fast track these link building activities. One of the best is The Link Juicer . If you would like a Linkjuicer review check it out.

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