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3 September, 2017

“I’ve got nothing to wear!”

It’s a common lament every female has when she surveys her bursting wardrobe. But before you rush out there to the Malaysian Shopping Carnival or Great Singapore Sales to spend, spend, spend, stop! Take a step back and look at your old clothes with new eyes because you can revamp your wardrobe for less with some handy tips!

Read below after the jump at easy ways for you to get a whole new wardrobe and nice, new stylish clothes without spending a whole lot more!

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Put new buttons and sequins on

Are you bored with your blouses or skirts? Pay a visit to your local fabric store or haberdashery and go creative with buttons! There are lots of pretty little buttons out there that you try and some like antique or unique buttons can really add character to your top or skirt!

Otherwise, sew on some sequins onto your blouse or iron on a bright shiny applique onto your jeans. It immediately jazzes up a plain blouse or a pair of jeans for that glam look!

Turn long pants into shorts

A wardrobe full of long pants can be boring so why not turn some into shorts? Long shorts and capris are the current style now for summer so turn up your pants and get ready for the beach!

Jeans are the easiest since all you need to do is to take a scissors to it and fringe the hem of the shorts a little to give it a nice funky look. However, for dress pants, it would be best to take it to a tailor as the base needs to be hemmed up. They make wonderful shorts and go really well with some nice strappy sandals!

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

Plain tops or plain dresses can be boring so accessorise them up with fun, chunky necklaces or dainty shiny ones, depending on your occasion. Lots of shops carry bright and cheery necklaces that are available cheap but do wonders in highlighting a plain top! Pair it off with some bright earrings and heels and you’re ready for a fun night out!

Don’t forget the wonders a wide belt can do for a plain dress. It immediately brightens up the dress and glams it up for any occasion you might have!

It just takes some imagination and a little bit of work to turn your current wardrobe into a whole new wardrobe! So, do give these makeover tips a try before running out to buy!

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