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30 May, 2013


Is a well written blog-articles site.  This writing, in my opinion, holds the
reader’s interest because it has;  character of the author showing through.
In that some humor
is thrown out there when author tells her audience of real estate investors or
home buying challeged americans when and what is on her mind just “really
determined to help the information needing home buying consumer and the home
sellers selling in the down market.  

This tightly held secret information does not
leak out to the public thus it is never common knowledge to those
transacting in real estate acquisition.
Cheryl Miller Eld who has been on all sides of the profession and a
consumer investing in real estate properties in the Northwest United States now
often shares with her audience the most VALUABLE TIPS on how to buy, sell,
auction, negotiate, finance, forclose, acquire homes for a fraction of their
market value and even with the worst credit-score and little money down,,,how to
close to your advantage on real estate property you are interested in
This unique element of refreshing honesty
elicits a response;  an enjoyment
and personable confidence get  discovered by reading this
author Cheryl A. Miller-Eld who writes under the name MillerEld as her brand
indentity so you can find her publishings on the web easily by searching
the name:  MillerEld.

Ms. MillerEld began web sites such as http://RealEstateMoneyTips.comand http://RealEstateMoneyTips-blogging.blogspot.com

Plus,,,,http://wswwebdevelopment.com which has a portfolio list of sites to find
articles written about real estate secrets and how-to tips that Ms. MillerEld
discloses openly to her readers and

Ms. MillerEld puts out a BLOG message
occasionally via a quick TWEET. 
These messages for twitter readers/followers are responses to recent
economic reactions and or national news that is technically NOT SO correct,,,at
least from a real estate guru’s point of view.

NOTE!         These BLOG messages are usually comical
comments that make you think,,,and mainly think how ridiculous that information
is and or unreliable based on factual realities. 

Twitter comments by MillerEld are meant
for intellectual minds to toy with and chuckle at…Plus an occasional LINK TO
other sites publishing articles by MillerEld that you might be interested in

Therefore, one of the best methods of continuous article following for this
real estate article author & copy editor
(MillerEld) is to WATCH and SEE what she tells you about the
LASTEST and GREATEST places to read up on fantastic truths in the game of real
estate is to follow MillerEld closely on TWITTER.
See amjustsayn on twitter —-yes, 
she is the account of,  amjustsayn, on the Twitter site of stars
and celebrities comingling with the tech-yuppies of the world, personally or
publically, it’s the social network of the times.  
Go there.  Be Discovered,
and buy real estate using non-traditional money-saving 
methods shared with you by articles written by web copy editor,  

Cheryl A MillerEld. 

Write Directly to Cheryl by writing to:  writework@gmx.com

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