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20 May, 2014

Are you looking for an easy way to make money? Well then you’ll be glad to hear that this is possible by filling out surveys! By far this is the easiest way to find some extra spending cash (besides getting lucky and having it handed to you) because it requires almost no effort. Alright, so I lied, there is effort involved; that difficult effort is using your mouse to answer the questions that they throw at you. They’ll probably give you a break and give you multiple choice too. But with the jokes aside, if you’re looking for one of the easiest method to earning quick cash, participating in paid surveys couldn’t be a better choice.

You’re probably saying to yourself that the pay must stink. Truth is, it actually doesn’t. So why am I not doing it? Well actually, I am, but I’m doing it in the form of points, which I’ll cover in another article. Whether you’re looking to reel in loads of money, taking surveys is indeed possible. What makes this even easier is that you can fill one whenever you feel like it! Feel like taking a break while you’re already in the process? No problem, go take one! Time is on your side, take your survey whenever you want, even if it’s right after answering just one question.

Now, I can imagine you saying “Well okay, the pay might not stink but the questions, now those must stink!” Wrong again my fellow cash seeking readers. Upon signing up for surveys, you’ll be asked what category interests you. So you won’t be stuck with answering questions that will bore you like no tomorrow! “Would you like to make $500 dollars in an hour?” Now that’s what I call a boring question!

Things are looking good aren’t they? You are getting paid well to:

  • answer questions that doesn’t require much brain power
  • answer questions whenever you want
  • answer questions that interests you
  • answer questions and dance around like you’re becoming a millionaire!

One good question someone brought up was: “Why would companies basically give out free money?” Well let me ask you a question, (don’t worry, this is not a survey) when was the last time you wanted to hear your friend’s opinion? This opinion could be anything like “How do I look today?” or “Am I good looking?” etc, you get the jist. Here’s the thing though, you asked because you wanted to improve on anything that needed to be improved. The same ideal goes to these survey companies. Essentially, they pass out surveys so that people like you and I can give opinions on what improvements can be made.

So what if surveys didn’t exist? Think of it this way, earlier you asked for your friend’s opinion on something, but what if you never did? Let’s say you were dying to know how you look in this clothes, but you never asked. So either you’ll risk going out in public getting ridicule or you earn compliments on how awesome you look. The thing with companies is that they can’t risk these kind of things. As you can imagine, the business world works a whole lot different and if it turns for the worst, they will lose a lot of money. One example can be said with MySpace. It used to be the biggest social network that everyone went on and connected with. Unfortunately, Facebook has taken over but it didn’t just take over because of its better social networking system, it took over because it listened to its users. Imagine that, if MySpace gave out surveys to find what its users wanted instead of thinking about what they want, the outcome could of been a lot different.

There are many benefits to giving out surveys. As you see, it isn’t hard to believe why companies would pay someone to steer them in the right direction. Doing so can prevent them losing a lot of revenue. In fact, it may even make increase their income- given that they do everything right to please its users.

So what are you waiting for? There’s virtually no work involved in doing surveys, go get paid for giving your opinion!

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