Get Paid for Taking Pictures

25 March, 2015

Do you take quality pictures for fun? Well then it’s time to get paid for having fun! There are many people and websites out there that will pay you good money for you allowing them to use your images. That’s right, if you think you have a one of a time snapshot photo, start earning money for it! What if you don’t? Well it’s actually not strict as you think, you may still earn cash for just taking pictures of sun sets or even a chair! You’re probably wondering ‘Getting paid for taking a picture of a char?!” and let me explain how it’s possible. (It has also been done)

People come across articles that they like to read everyday. Wouldn’t you agree that images enhances your reading experiences? It makes the article or story more appealing rather than just seeing a whole page of text. If a person who wrote an article (related to chairs) wanted to make his/her story somewhat appealing, good snapshots of chairs would do the job. So if such job is as easy as this, why don’t they do it themselves? Anyone can take a picture of a chair, but what most people don’t have access to is a good camera with the right focus lens, and perhaps a capture of a nicely designed chair.

People that do have access to a nice camera know that taking the right pictures for the right article isn’t possible all the time. On top of that, they may need to re-edit the photo to make it look more appealing towards the article. Don’t forget, they also need to write their article along with the finishing touch of the photography. This all seemed like a lot of work and truth is, most companies rather just pay the photographer to do all of this so that they can focus on just writing their article.

It’s not just photographs being used in articles but also in promotional products. Like they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” If a company were to represent something using an image, they can bet that pictures are important; consumer like to see what they are reading; by illustrating what a company is selling, they are assured that what they read is correct.

So how easy is this and can you make a lot of money for it? Yes to both! If you’re doing it for fun already, it’ll be even easier- not to say if you don’t, it’ll be hard. It’s only a matter of ‘snap’ and ‘click’ at the right moment. The best part is, the more variety of photos you take, the more likely you’ll have money flowing in. People and companies look for one type of picture that is related to their work. If you only have one type, chances are that not many will be looking for the same content as the one you’re providing. For instance, let’s say you go to a grocery store for food. Upon shopping for food, a problem arise- there is only type of brand and you prefer the other. Most likely you won’t run into this kind of problem as many (if not, all) grocery stores carry all kinds of brand to consumers’ interest. The same idea go towards photography, so make sure that you capture variety of pictures and not just one specific thing.

Have many pictures ready to be submitted for money? Here comes the easiest part: You just submit them to any stock photo websites! They’ll probably review your pictures before allowing you to make money off of it;  insuring that your pictures are quality snapshots. Like to know what you can do to make sure you get approved?

2 main things to consider:

  • Make sure it’s not blurry
  • Quality of photo is clear and focused (high MP, the better)

That’s really it! If you have access to a good camera, love taking pictures or not, why not start snapping pictures today?  Get paid for something that only takes a push of a finger!

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