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29 January, 2014

J Rey asked:

There are hundreds of sites out there that advertise that they pay you to simply click on ads. I’ve tried many and sadly been scammed by hundreds of them. After being scammed so much, I decided I must create this site to outline legitimate online money making opportunities.


Neobux is a truly one of a kind Pay Per Click website that is free to join, has a low payout, and pays instantly! Many things make Neobux different than other PPC sites that make it extremely stable and reputable. Neobux is a great website for everyone from the beginner to the expert PPC User and you can truly earn thousands of dollars here with the right techniques.

How Do You Earn?

Like every other PPC, Neobux pays you to click on Advertisments on its site. For this, you will earn .01 for each add. You can expect from 3-20+ adds per day depending on your location and account status! However, your own clicks are only the beginning of earning potential. With referrals, you can exponentially increase your earnings! The best part is you can RENT referrals who will make money for you!

So How Do I Get Referrals?

There are two types of referrals on Neobux:

Direct Referrals- These are people you get to join the site via your own personal link. You can advertise on forums, social networking sites, or have your friends and family join. Every time they click an ad, you earn money!

Rented Referrals- This is one feature unique to Neobux that you will not find anywhere else. To rent referrals, you pay as little as .28 to have them credited to you for one month. What this means is that for one month, you will get paid for every ad they click! If you hire someone who clicks 10 ads a day, for 30 days, they have made you a profit of 3.00-.28 = 2.72. The amount of referrals you rent is up to you, say you get 100 referrals and they all do that, you just earned $272!! Some members even have THOUSANDS of rented referrals!


It’s all good and well that you can earn on Neobux, but it does not really matter if they are a scam site that doesn’t pay! Neobux has the best reputation among all PPC about paying because they have INSTANT PAYMENTS to your Paypal! Neobux also has a very low minimum payout, $2. After you have cashed out for $2, your minimum cashout will increase by $1 up to a maximum minimum cashout level of $10. This is not an issue because it is easy to make that much money once you learn how to use Neobux effectively!

Neobux has a great forum where you can learn much more information and be sure to check back here for updates!

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