Get Rebates with the Giant Citibank Card

19 April, 2017

Recently, Citibank Malaysia launched a new credit card to help you save even more whenever you do your weekly marketing. It is a new Giant-Citibank credit card which helps you save through rebates whenever you shop at Giant which is really good if you regularly do your marketing at a Giant hypermarket.

The Giant-Citibank card offers the following advantages:

  • 2% rebates on purchases made in Giant Malaysia

  • Up to 1% rebate on purchases made outside Giant stores

  • Purchase-with-purchase items

  • Members-only priced items

During their promotional period, members stand to get 10% rebates if you apply before 15 July and swipe your Giant-Citibank card on your first purchase before 31 August! The rebates will be given in the form of RM5 vouchers which you can reuse easily at any Giant hypermarket. A table of the number of vouchers you stand to get has been provided below:

No. Spending Amount (RM) Number of Voucher in RM5 denomination each
1. 50 – 99 1.
2. 100 – 149 2.
3. 150 – 199 3.
4. 200 – 249 4.
5. 250 – 299 5.
6. 300 – 349 6.
7. 350 – 399 7.
8. 400 – 449 8.
9. 450 – 499 9.
10. 500 and above 10.

It appears that they are rounding it off to the lowest RM5 voucher so instead of getting RM9.90 for your shopping bill of RM99, you will have to contend with a RM5 voucher. If you are a user of the card, do plan your shopping so you can maximise the vouchers as much as possible!

During their promotional period, the annual fee of RM90 is waived for a year and you are entitled to purchase an Olympus camera a 60% discount (delivery fee of RM50 applies) which provides additional savings if you have been looking for a camera.

The Giant-Citibank credit card works well only if you are a regular shopper at Giant. However, if you don’t have a Giant near where you live or work, it wouldn’t make much sense with the current fuel prices to drive out of your way to utilize these rebates!

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