Get the Finance You Need with UK Secured Homeowner Loan

7 May, 2015

Get The Finance You Need With UK Secured Homeowner Loan

Not every-one of us is born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Most of us live life as it comes. Our hard earned money provides us with the basic necessities and indulgences. Generally, we manage things with our finances but sometimes an emergency or once-in-a-lifetime opportunity sticks out its head like a sore thumb, demanding huge funding and putting our resources under strain. UK secured homeowner loan provides the much-needed finances with minimum possible overhead in such conditions.

UK secured homeowner loan uses the home of the borrower in UK as the collateral. The home of the borrower can be mortgaged, free or having home equity in it. The value of the collateral or the home equity with you will go a long way in deciding the amount you will get from lenders when you take a secured homeowner loan in UK. Generally, secured homeowner loans are associated with large amounts. Borrowers can expect anything between £5000 and £75000. Even this large amount is not considered as the upper limit by some lenders. If they find that the value of your collateral is sufficiently high, they will consider lending you any sum up to £500000. The comfort that lenders feel while giving any secured UK homeowner loan is verily visible in the interest rates and the repayment schedule. The interest rates are lowest among various types of loans. The installments are scheduled on monthly basis. And the repayment term can vary from three to twenty- five years. If the house is already mortgaged, any new homeowner loan will be called as second charge, if the house is free of any mortgage and has 100% home equity, it will be called the first charge.

A term that should ring bells for any Secured homeowner loan borrower in UK is the APR. Short for Annual Percentage Rate it defines the interest rate that a lender will charge from you on any homeowner loan. It is obligatory for the lender to communicate the effective APR he is charging from the borrower on his loan. Generally, lenders quote approximate APR rates, which are used to serve only as a guide. Different loans have different APR’s and the borrower is advised to consult the lender so as to get an exact idea about the APR of his homeowner loan. Comparison of APR’s from different lenders will help the borrower decide on a loan, which is the most competitive in the market.

Applying for a secured homeowner loan doesn’t take much effort. Most of the lending agencies give the option of applying online, through their branch network, via the telephone or a direct application at their office. Whatever be the method of your application it is advised that you provide all the information correctly.

The lenders will use credit reference agencies to assess your creditworthiness. Your credit history, repayment capacity and income will also be given due consideration besides the collateral before reaching any decision. A credit agreement has to be signed, which will contain all the details about the homeowner loan. Since it is a legal document, the terms of which are binding on both parties, a borrower should take the services of a legal expert to understand the intricacies and safeguard his interest.

The Consumer Credit Act 1974 protects the interests of secured homeowner loan borrowers. It provides a cover up to loans of value £ 25,000. Loans of greater amount are not regulated. Lenders are obliged to provide a consideration period of 7 days for loans valued under £25000. Various types of insurance schemes are available from different lenders, which accompany the secured homeowner loan.

The repayment periods for any secured loans are stretched over many years and the borrower may face financial ups and downs in this period. It is very good, if he is able to repay the installments on time but if during troubled times he faces any repayment problems then instead of messing things up, he should contact the lender directly and discuss the problem. Together this can save the situation, both for the borrowers and the lenders.

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