Getting Started with Website Tips and Guides On How to Save and Make Money Online

1 August, 2013

As simple as it sounds, anyone can make a website.  It’s making money that becomes the tough part. Most people fail to make good money on the internet because laziness gets the both of them.

By creating a website, you can already have revenue coming in. Whether your site is about blogging your life, informative articles on beauty supplies; literally anything that you can think of will rack you some cash. However, I understand the hardship and frustration that you may overcome; everyone experiences this but what matters is how you rise from it. Without me giving you guys the lecture, let’s get started!

Your Niche

First step is thinking of your niche; is it going to be about cars, games, what? Your visitors don’t want to visit a website that has topics jumping from the next. In fact, they came to your site because they may have thought your website offered what they were looking for.. Only to find that it did, then it moved on. Doing this will not only drive your audience away- it makes me ask you, what niche are you focusing here?! The keyword for this whole paragraph is focus; focus on your niche and only your niche.

If you were browsing for a website such as this (which focus on steps to making money through a website), and the next paragraph you read talks about beauty supply, not only would I foresee you closing this website immediately, I wouldn’t blame you for doing so because it is totally irrelevant to the information you’re seeking. I believe I made my point here, so I’ll continue on before I lose your interest on my own analogy!

Domain Name

What is your niche based upon? If it’s about cars, you don’t want your domain name to be beauty4U.net. Your audience would appear curious as to why this content is based on cars when the name of the domain strongly advocates the field of beauty. Or vice vesa. Remember to think of a short but sweet domain name that gets the right point across your visitors.


You finally thought of a great niche and a great domain name. Now it’s time to find a home to store your great ideas based on your specific niche. You want to find a reliable hosting company that won’t crash every hour, on the hour.  Look around for a stable hosting company that is known for their 99.99% up-time because you want your ideas to be available every hour, on the hour to your viewers.


At this point, it’s all about delivering quality information. Notice that I bolded quality (there goes the bold again) because anyone can write a  paragraph. What sets someone from the others is how  they deliver their information to their readers; as it takes a passionate writer to make their readers understand what the writer is saying.

Master this part and from then on, all you need to do is keep them interested. So don’t get dull!


Yes, there are literally millions of ways to make your site look awesome. Key concepts is to make sure your site user-friendly, easy to browse around, fits the niche that you are aiming for (for instance, if it’s about love, use red/pink), and unique. Try to use your own imaginations in order to stand out from the others. Designing has a lot to do with creativity, so if you generally like deciding what color or shape goes with what, you’re golden here.

4 types of websites usually consist in the following category:

  • commercial website
  • a non-profit organization website
  • a government website
  • a personal website

Your website can be your own work, a business, or any other types of organization, typically focused on a topic. By creating such websites, you can place ads so that when visitors click on them, you gain the respectable amount.  Another way is through affiliate programs; in which you earn a certain amount of commission whenever a visitor click on your commission link.  If you focus on computers, it would be wise to have an affiliation with a company/site that offers similar products such as Newegg.

One other tip; did you guys notice the way I wrote this article? Not only is it on topic, but I managed to add in my own personality by adding a few humors here and there. While it is great to keep your readers interested, it also depends what niche you are writing about.  Sometimes it may be best to keep things professional by not adding in humor. May the best judgment be made upon you.

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