Getting the Right Price Through Property Valuation

10 May, 2015

Getting value for money is very important whether you are buying or selling a property and having a property which is accurately valued plays a very important role in this. It also helps to ensure that you are getting value for money. You could suffer from serious financial losses if your property isn’t valued correctly and this really has the ability to make or break a property. You need to know that your property value is true and that it’s not overvalued or undervalued. To do this accurately you need to make sure that you are working with industry experts.

Often when you first look at your property valuation you could find that the figure is far different to what you were expecting and for many people this can be a shock, or a cause for concern. One of the most important elements of the value of your house is the location and where it’s situated, this can really make or break the value of your property and can change dramatically in the matter of just a few streets.

Schools, parks and other amenities can do a lot to help the value of a property and this can give any property a higher value than that of something that is surrounded by an industrial estate or perhaps factories. The proximity of a property to a major city or a popular area can also help to increase its value, compared to a place which might be far away and hard to access by public transport.

Another factor that can affect your property valuation is the type of property which you own and any amenities which might come with it. In general, if you are part of an apartment block then your property may be affected by those apartments around you in the same way that if you own a house the value of your property could be affected by the state of your garden or your neighbours.

In general if you are looking to purchase or sell a property then you need to consider the type of area that the property is in and maybe even consider getting a few valuations before you make your move.

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