Getting Your Girlfriend Back What to do and NOT to Do Dannys

27 July, 2010

I know that you’ve just been finished with. That is why you are reading this article, isn’t it? I suggest that you get your head together. Calm down and relax first before you continue reading. want to help you and tell you exactly how to get girlfriend back fast.

To start with, I need to reveal to you the push and pull phenomenon. In a break up the more you pull your girl, the more your ex will push you back. This is just the way it is in a break up. However, there are methods you can use the this phenomenon.

Are you emailing or calling your ex several times every day? Don’t do it! This is not the way to get her back. It’s better to have as little contact with your ex girlfriend as you can. Stop emailing, stop phoning, and stop stalking your ex girlfriend.

When you have stopped communicating with her, your ex girlfriend will get the chance to things through for herself. Give her some time and space to reflect. She will appreciate this. In fact, she will start to miss you.

I know that you want to get your girl back. However, you shouldn’t become so needy and desperate. Being needy and desperate will only push your ex away. This is still the push and pull phenomenon at work. What you need to do is appear as if everything is okay with you. Smile a lot and be confident with other people.

You should spend time with your friends, enjoy sports, or start a new hobby. This will keep your mind off your ex. Don’t forget that the more you pull your ex, the more he/she will push you away. So just take it easy, and keep away from your ex for the while.

Although it might feel natural to do the reverse, this really is the first phase to getting your girlfriend back.

February 08 2011

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February 03 2011

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