Going Once Going Twice Going for a Song Top Tips On Using Ebay and Auctions to Bag a Bargain

5 September, 2015

Auctions – whether they’re taking place in a building or online at sites like eBay – can be fantastic places for picking up great deals.

If you would like to embrace your inner David Dickinson, take a look at www.ukauctionguides.co.uk for lists of auctions and what’s for sale.

Auction houses are used by many companies to clear out their excess goods, and as the site explains, “equipment costing thousands is often auctioned for peanuts.”

In this day and age, with a lot of people choosing to take part in online auctions instead, a visit to an auction house can reap rewards because there’s not as much competition for goods. Plus, you can actually take the opportunity to examine the things that you’re considering buying!

The most important thing to remember, though, is to decide the price you’re willing to pay and stick to it – don’t get involved in a bidding war. It’s not a bargain if you’re paying more than you wanted to for it. Same rule applies to eBay!

Speaking of eBay, here’s 3 more tips for getting the best out of the site:


  • If a seller has incorrectly spelled the item they’re selling, less people are likely to find it when they search for it. Of course, that means less people are going to bid on it, so it’s not likely to sell for as much. As such, if you’re looking to buy something, check out sites like www.bargainchecker.com/ and www.goofbid.com/ which take advantage of this – they search through eBay for you to find all possible spelling mistake combinations and locate the best deals. And if you’re selling… check your spelling!
  • Look for items that are listed as ‘Collection in Person Only’. These often attract fewer bids, so sell for less. Even if you can’t collect them in person, you might be able to get them picked up by courier, which could still save you money on the price. Take a look at www.moneysavingexpert.com/shopping/local-ebay-deals/ – it’s a search engine that finds cheap local bargains in your area that are collection only.

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