Goods Cleaners in Dallas Benjamins

26 October, 2010

I had a date with a cowboy in Dallas and was very excited. I had just recently moved here and had never seen something like it, having spent most of my life in a very little town up north.

He told me concerning his ranch and his horses and then we have a tendency to sat all the way down to a delicious steak dinner. I confess, I had never eaten such an enormous steak before, lathered in BBQ sauce and mushrooms. Just as I started to chop it, I decided to be cute and lean in and give him a little kiss.

But the knife slipped and the steak sloshed out of control and landed on his pretty, and probably expensive, leather pants! I was horrified. He said it was ok but I felt so guilty and miserable, particularly after I saw that they were real leather. I ran to the restroom in humiliation which’s when I remembered that Local Search had helped me out before.

Obtaining out my phone, I quickly searched the Dallas town listings and then was taken to the Leather Goods Cleaners & Dyers in Dallas where I found simply what I needed. The Leather Hospital wasn’t very so much from where we have a tendency to were and I ran back out and urged him to come with me. We have a tendency to visited the Leather Hospital and in an hour, they were all done cleaning his pants. In the top, we tend to laughed regarding it and I’m therefore grateful to Local Search for serving to me seem like a Dallas town native by giving me such quick and helpful data and for saving my date with the cowboy.

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