Google Adwords Promotion Secrets That Will Explode Your Income

15 February, 2014

Mark A. Abrahams asked:

Google AdWords promotion will drive a lot of traffic to your website. However, most people fail running successful AdWords campaigns. Follow these tips and substantially boost your Google AdWords results.

Before your visitor will read the advert you need to create an attention grabbing headline. Ensure there are keywords in the headline as Google highlights this and will bring attention to the headline and improve your click through rate.

After the headline you need to create an advert that appeals to your visitor. Focus on the benefits of your product as this will stir up emotion in your user to click through to your website and refrain from exaggerating your product with unbelievable claims.

You need to split test at least 3 adverts at a time to see which advert performs best. Using this technique I increased the click through rate of an advert from 0.2% to 8.5%. Try different headlines and different copy. The higher your click through rate the lower you Google PPC costs.

You need to display your url as www.MyWebSite.com. Start each new word with a capital and this will significantly improve your click through rate.

You should use the Google tracking tools or you can use some of the more advanced tools from other vendors like Hypertracker. You need to ensure your sales page or lead generation page converts. Work out how much it costs to make a sale. So say for example you are paying 30 cents a click and you are converting 1 out of every 20 visitors. This means you need to spend 6 dollars before making a sale.

If your site consists mainly of lead generation pages with hardly any content you may experience the “Google Slap” with lower rankings and higher bid prices. Google defines this as “A value placed on an individual domain that reflects the quality of the content contained within it.” The following tips will help increase your quality score in Google. Add a contact us and a privacy policy page. Build a sitemap and get a few good quality links pointing into your website. Include more content on your website and you can also start a blog. Google loves blogs and this will raise your Google quality score. Place a link in your blog to your main lead generation pages and vice versa.

With the information here you can successfully use Google AdWords to promote your business and add it to your marketing arsenal.

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