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3 February, 2015

Parents are worth our love and devotion. They have passed through lots of trials and problems just to keep us well provided and give us everything we want. We see that they have given us the things necessary in life like food, clothing and shelter. They are an inspiration worth looking up to. They made our way of living a better one. They have encouraged us to give our best in school and supported us in special occasions and events.

With how fast-paced our culture today, being a senior citizen is quite difficult. That is why the government is giving grants to the older people. Aside from their pension which can benefit them with savings, the government is taking steps to increase grant funds to home and community based support services. They have prioritized the elderly and here are the few programs that help our elderly parents:

Caregiver – It is a program that gives service to old people when they want their food served and provide shopping items for those who are not able to leave their respective homes. They are a big help in the homes especially when it comes to chores that our elderly are not capable of doing anymore.

Food Assistance – Our senior citizens are assisted with their meals and given brochures for appropriate diets they can follow and adapt. Exercise is also emphasized to have a healthy and dynamic lifestyle. This is customized to prolong their lives and have resistance to sickness. This promotes good health and appetite.

Transportation Service – Our elderly are given free transportation vehicle to be used when they have tasks to do and they need to travel. Also it is utilized during elections and special events. Medical visitations are also recognized and other important errands.

Other grants such as rental and food stamps are also provided to those whose retirement fund is not enough to support their needs. Indeed, our elders are important and must keep them healthy and well provided in all aspects in life. If it was not for them, we are not here in this world.

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