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17 December, 2013

6 Helpful Tips for Finding the Best Guitar Lessons in Lincoln 

So you’re looking to learn the guitar? Well, finding the best guitar lessons in Lincoln, and the best guitar teacher for you can sometimes be challenging. There are so many out there, and it’s hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. After all, there’s no guarantee that there’s any truth in advertisement these days, and you want to be sure to find the perfect instructor that best fits all of your needs. My approach to teaching guitar can be summed by patience, practice and passion. Learning a musical instrument is just like learning a new language, and you need to employ patience to allow yourself the time necessary to master a new skill, practice to hone your abilities, and passion because, really, what’s life without it? I decided to sit down and write a list of 6 things to keep in mind while choosing your guitar teacher, in order to try to help everyone just starting out. All of these things I’ve learned over years of experience, and I put them into practice in my business. If, by the end, I hope you’re interested in taking lessons with me. So, without further ado, 6 things to keep in mind while choosing the best Nebraska guitar lessons for you: 

1. Be sure to choose an instructor who really cares about you. 

It’s sad to say, but there are many teachers out there today who aren’t really invested in their students. They may ask you one or two questions about your musical preferences, and your current level of musical proficiency, but not much else. A lot of teachers are just worn out, and don’t have that passion for their students that most often determines success or failure. Passion is one of the most important ingredients to successful instruction, so you want to be sure to select a guitar teacher that brings it to the table. 

2. Make your goals clear. 

Right off the bat, it’s important to be clear about your long-term goals with your guitar teacher. Are you learning guitar off and on for fun? Do you envision yourself becoming proficient enough to book gigs one day? Are you already in the business and just want the occasional refresher? If you’re not clear, your music teacher won’t be, and chances are you could easily get frustrated with your lack of progress. So make it a priority to express your goals as honestly as possible and work out a curriculum based upon your particular needs and desires. A competent guitar teacher will appreciate a straightforward approach, and be able to accommodate your plans. 

3. Avoid those who only teach from a book. 

Look, there’s nothing wrong with focusing on technical proficiency, but most people aren’t drawn to music because of the mathematics. They’re interested because of the feeling, the heart and the emotion of it all. If your guitar teacher is only working from a manual, chances are they’ve been at it for too long. We’ve all had those professors in school that just read aloud from the textbook. And we’ve all slept through their classes. They’re not the teachers you remember. You remember the ones that enlivened your day, and awakened you to the possibilities inherent in any given subject. It’s the same way with anything. Again, passion is key, and a book is no replacement for that. So pick a teacher who knows his way around the chords, but can also show you how to play them with heart. 

4. Don’t go with the cheapest teacher around. 

The old adage is often correct: “You get what you pay for.” If you’re paying surprisingly, implausibly low rates, chances are there’s a reason for that. The teacher could be brand new, or he/she could be only moderately proficient and just looking to make a fast buck from someone who doesn’t know any better yet. If you’re serious about learning guitar, whatever your specific reasons, then you have to be willing to invest real time and some money if you want to see real results. Why throw your money away on the teenage kid down the street? Now, the flip side is that the cost of guitar lessons shouldn’t leave you feeling like you just broke the bank. There’s no reason to choose the instructor with the most exorbitant rates, either. But going with the lowest number often equates to going with the lowest quality, and who wants that? 

5. Avoid those who constantly bombard you with new things. 

It’s great to keep things interesting, and learning new and exciting things is part of the fun of mastering the guitar. But don’t allow your teacher to inundate you with new ideas that you’re not comfortable with. Be sure that you’re firm and clear about going at your own pace. I’ve seen many students simply give up on their lessons with other teachers because they feel too overwhelmed. Perfect the basics, and take it one step at a time. Chances are that you’re not going to be playing like a virtuoso on day one, and if you try to stuff too many facts or techniques into your head at one time, it can sap the fun out of the learning experience and leave you feeling daunted. So take your time and enjoy yourself, and make sure your teacher does, too. 

6. Be mindful of the burnouts. 

A bad teacher, one who embodies all of the negative qualities I’ve mentioned so far, is often just burnt out from too many years and too many students. Look, sometimes it’s tough in this business, sure. But if you can’t be patient with your students, encourage their practice and bring that oh-so-important passion to the table, then you’ve got no business bothering with teaching. So when you’re trying to choose a competent instructor, make sure that they’re as excited about the prospect of teaching as you are about the prospect of learning! They should bring as much energy and enthusiasm to each lesson as you do, if not more so. Teachers are there, not just to provide you with basic techniques and facts, but to inspire! It just makes sense, doesn’t it?  

If you’re interested in taking guitar lessons in Lincoln, don’t wait any longer be getting started with a free introductory guitar session today. This gives you a chance to come check out my studio and for me to understand better what your unique goals are. I know what it feels like to be stuck, and want you to know that don’t have to struggle with guitar anymore.

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