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1 July, 2012

Whether you are jobless, looking to establish your expertise as a freelancer, or just looking to change jobs, an HTML Resume should be another weapon in your job-hunting arsenal. Doesn’t matter why.

Most folks don’t see the hiring process as a “sales process” and the fact is… that’s exactly what it is. You’re literally selling the value you will furnish to each potential employer who sees your resume. Your resume is like a foot in the door for future career opportunities.

Numerous work seekers are creating internet resumes hoping to be discovered or as a place to refer employers who might want to see more than what is usually found in a resume.

If you’re not already familiar with HTML Hyper Text Markup Language, it’s basically a programming language used to build web sites that are hosted on the world wide web.

Hosting your resume online offers these unique benefits:

You can easily email a link to it to potential employers
It’s online and working for you 24/7
It’s easily bookmarked and shared by anyone who stumbles onto it
It helps you stand out from the crowd still using paper resumes
It can be printed out and retained for later viewing by a prospective employer

Building your first HTML Resume isn’t as difficult as it might sound, even if you’re not a “techie” — HTML is somewhat easy to understand and painless to learn fast.

If you were to build your own online resume from scratch, you’d merely need to know just a few lines of code to create something presentable enough to get you employed.

HTML Resumes Come In 2 Different Flavors

The most basic and commonly applied type of Online Resume would be a 1 Page HTML Resume. These are as simple as they sound — just picture your paper resume on your computer screen. That is all it really is.

Anybody could learn to design one of these in a single day and throw it online almost at once.

Because you’re not limited by space on the net, your online resume can be as vast as you want to make it — you could build up an entire site devoted to several projects you’ve worked on and have separate sections for each.

You could simply display your resume as part of your website and enable your clients to learn more about you and your work.

Even better: An HTML version of your resume works especially well for persons in graphic arts or programming — it’s like a one-two punch where you list your experience… and back it up by proving your skill by linking to it.

HTML formatting genuinely benefits those who need more of a visually-oriented portfolio, but it could serve anyone, provided it is done right.

With the application of a Web-Ready Portfolio Resume, you could include photographs, hyperlinks to other web sites, design/layout graphics, and just about anything you’ve seen on other internet sites.

You can link to your video resume too

A Portfolio Resume site is particularly useful for self-employed contractors who If you’re self employed, let’s say a web designer or web marketer, a Portfolio Resume Site would probably be a big benefit to you as you can list former projects you’ve worked on and provide links to your work..

And now you know what an HTML Resume and Online Portfolio is. Later on we’ll get into how you’ll use one.

May 28 2010

How Correct Is Your Credit Report?

Periods are challenging these days, specifically if you are wanting to get a loan for a home, automobile, or even just to make it through the end of the month. The time to locate out that there is an error on your credit record is not when you are in immediate have to have.

It is also essential to know that there is more than 1 national agency that creditors submit to. There are actually 3. Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, which can offer you with the information you need and in which to obtain it.

Hopefully this might help you repair bad credit.

May 26 2010

Dental coverage is typically not underwritten by insurance firms as the treatment and medication of dental wishes are predicted and follow a time table. No individual would opt for a dental insurance plan if he were to pay more in premium than in annual dental charges, and the insurer would lose money if they pay more in claims than the premium picked up for each policy they underwrite.

regardless of these drawbacks, some firms offer dental benefits by group discount schemes. These are also called discounted dental plans or cheap dental plans. These are a sort of’clubs’ where membership costs a little money monthly or annually where the members can avail of dental services at a discounted rate. The dental service suppliers or dentists affiliated to these’clubs’ have agreed to provide dental services at a discounted rate. The payment is made at once by the patient to the dentist, no paperwork or claims or future hassles. These’clubs’ only do matchmaking between the patient and the dentist, getting paid in the process. The dentist in Orlando in turns gains to earn due to larger volumes of work. The patient gets the service at a discounted rate. It’s a WIN-WIN for all parties concerned.

Dental Insurance when offered is again a complicated issue. The insurer generally pressures on background investigations and pre-existing conditions. After this goes thru you’ve got to wait out until the coverage starts. When the treatment is really undergone, a lot of documentation regarding claims, %age exclusions and so on. Come to the front where it becomes more of a pain to essentially undergo and stop the process of compensation.

However insurance has its own benefits and plans have their own. A large amount of employers also provide dental insurance whereupon the need for plans ceases for the individual. It’s for the individual to decide between the two as per their obligation, desires and current situation.

May 25 2010

In the 21st century cars are a must, if you are solely relying on public transport then be prepared for a stressful journey. People just want to have the best cars around and they end up setting them back a huge amount.

But is it really worth buying a new car these days? Let us see the reason why I do not really like this.
1. New cars are not made to last in this day and age; the manufacturers are very clever and only build cars for a certain lifespan so a new one has to be purchased.
2. Even if the cars were built to last people are spread out all over the country, so basically people cover a lot more miles than they used to in the old days.
3. Service parts for a vehicle cost a fortune.

I remember when I first passed my test it was an amazing experience but I was driving a car built in 1985 and although this car had done a huge amount of miles, it never caused me any problems. These days I like to purchase newer cars but they always end up breaking.

Most people decide to purchase their vehicles on finance so by the time they pay them off the car would be dead anyway and then they would have to go and buy a new one, the manufacturers are very clever. So in my opinion car leasing is probably one of the best options you pay probably less than you would as a monthly rate for finance, then when your term is up you hand the car back and get a brand new one, plus avoiding all of the cost of repairs and break downs.

May 23 2010

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