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9 June, 2014


to my blog.

How are you and how is it going your blogging?

Let me guess, you are here to explore new ways of blogging to rock up your blog traffic, to check and implement some useful tips for your blog’s health, template optimization and last but not least to find different solutions to the main problem
that how to convert blogging into money?

Are you new in blogging?
Blogging is not so tough task as some writers claim in their blog posts. Blogging is as simple as ABC. But one thing, strong commitment if you want to be successful in this online world of pro-bloggers. fair play is a good habit.

As your time is so precious and I don’t want to waste it so here are some core answers for how can I help you. As human knowledge is limited, so my help also has some boundaries.
Here you can find new and up to date blogging tips and tricks, social media marketing, blogging for beginners in 2015, money-making strategies, delicious templates for your blog and some secret rules of blogging as bonus.

Why you need to visit this blog (BMT) daily?

 Answer is simple. Following are some core reasons that how you can use this blog for your benefit and profit.

  • Blog like professionals: Blogging Money Tips (BMT) has many posts for you to become you pro-blogger. All blogging tips, WordPress tricks, traffic generation techniques and SEO secrets.
  • Convert Traffic into Dollars: BMT will guide you to generate some extra money with your blog visitors.
  • Your higher rank: Search engine optimization is one of the key topics of BMT. You can learn here SEO secrets and techniques, which will prove backbone for your blog.
  • Up to date Widgets: Make your blog beautiful, ugly blogs cannot survive. So you can use  professional and up to date widgets and templates.
  • And much More: BMT provides all solutions of blogging problems. It is for you, you will find it as guiding star for your blog. Just check out daily posts.

Do you see interesting things here?

Important ingredients to launch your own blog.

  • Everyone wants to be known as blogger now-a-days. Your aim does not matter whether it is fame or to earn money. One thing is important, Targeted Audience.
  • Focus on your purpose.
  • Audience is your main target.
  • Interaction with your fans is compulsory.
  • Some basic skills of blogging. 🙂 Do not worry you have these skills already. Just polish them.
  • Blog is your brand, build it professionally.
  • Read, speak and write about that topics you love.
  • Criticism is not bad thing, accept it bravely.
  • Catchy titles and headings have a great impact on reader’s attention.
  • Last but not least, proper images have a great role in blogging.

Here are some of the great content for your blog’s success, you can find on this blog. Hope you will find it helpful and come, here again.

Blogging tips:

  1. Most important tips to adopt before start a blog.
  2. Easy ways to get traffic to your website or new blog.
  3. How to establish strong online fame?
  4. Why your blog will never grow rapidly?
  5. Easy ways to get more comments on new blog posts.
  6. How to start a blog free of cost?
  7. Detailed list of best blogger forums, You should join first.


  1. What is search engine optimization?
  2. SEO advancements in 2014, adopt them.
  3. How to get higher rank in search engines.
  4. Do not adopt Spam SEO methods.
  5. Why so over optimization is a bad habit?          
  6. Common SEO mistakes, you should never adopt them.
  7. SEO tips and tricks for new bloggers.
  8. On page, off page SEO techniques.
  9. Optimize your blog in SERP by these methods.

Increase Traffic:

  1. 10 effective ways to increase blog’s traffic.
  2. How long tail keywords can double your blog traffic?
  3. Proven ways to get more traffic from social media.
  4. How guest blogging can rock up your blog?
  5. How to make more Web Traffic by Doing Less?

Make Money:

  1. Compulsory things to do before applying on Google Adsense.
  2. Are you missing this basic rule of making money with blogging?
  3. 7 trusted Google Adsense alternatives, Every blogger needs to know.
  4. How to earn money online with your blog?
  5. How to make money online by work from home?

I don’t want to fire you with my wordy stuff, let me introduce myself and bloggingmoneytips.com
I am M.Shahzad, a part time blogger from Pakistan. When I was in engineering university in 2012, I tried my best to find new and all methods of earn money online but could not earn a single penny online in start. I researched deeply on blogging and blogger.com by reading hundreds of posts on different blogs, ebooks, emails and many more. Research, research and always research. All stuff is noted in my notebooks which I will share with you in the future posts, only that stuff which is proven and ready to use.

After 3 years of high skilled knowledge of HTML, CSS, SEO, Social media marketing, blogging platforms and content creation tricks, link building case studies and many more, I started my first blog only for your help and to save you from useless blogging.

My aim to build this blog is only to share my 3-year experience of blogging with you to help you by sharing some tips with you.

This blog is made to serve all types of bloggers from dummies to professionals. Everyone can explore some useful and ready to launch tips and tricks of blogging. If you want to be a pro blogger or to want some dollars with Adsense and other money making techniques, you are at a right place. As this blog is new, you should subscribe to the newsletter to get all posts directly to your inbox. Keep visiting and rocking your blog.

 Have you any question or suggestion? tell us in comments or Contact me and let me know what’s on your mind, I’ll do my best to help you!

take care and keep your blog alive daily.

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