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19 June, 2012

Need for an adult merchant account
Even though adult service businesses are highly profitable, the controversies surrounding them are plenty. The risk content of such a business is normally considered as extremely high.
This risk-proneness has resulted in labelling the adult merchant account services as a ‘high risk’ business and the relevant account as a ‘high risk adult merchant account’. These tags tend to make majority of the domestic adult merchant account providers sceptical enough to totally reject the adult service vendors that apply for their own merchant account.
Categories of axxxcess

There are two options for remitting the membership fees in the adult service related businesses. The first is a monthly or recurring membership in which the laid down fees are received every month. The other type is the one-off method that involves onetime payment of a specific amount.
Both the categories have their pros and cons. The monthly membership fees pattern guarantees a sizeable income every month. On the other hand, the one-off types can be instrumental in forming a good clientele base. A group of loyal customers can always bring excellence and esteem to any business. Due to these very reasons, the adult services providers always prefer to have both the types in their fold for maximizing their income.
Problems in Getting an adult merchant provider
We already know that not many merchant account providers show keenness in approving an adult merchant account for an adult service provider. In case a few agree, the charges demanded by them are astronomical extending up to 20%. Any adult service provider will have considerable problem in paying the account provider 20% of his profit.
He either has to increase his price or lower the quality of his services to maintain his usual margin of profit. However, compromising on his quality or raising the price will certainly result in loss of customers and consequently adversely affect his bottom line. All this will warrant that he finds an appropriate method quickly that will help him to conveniently accept his payments online.

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