How Courier Services Have Had to Adapt to Be a Little More Green

19 May, 2013

In recent years, many big corporations and businesses have made it their aim to lower carbon emissions and become more environmentally aware. Whether it be introducing recycling plans to work premises or totally changing from non-renewable fuels, changes can certainly create a big effect on environmental surroundings. All kinds of organisations can make some steps to become ‘more green’ and, in recent times, couriers have made adjustments to become more environmentally friendly.

The problems Facing a Green Courier Service

The process of creating a work force of environmentally friendly couriers wasn’t a simple prospect for delivery firms. Because of the very nature of their enterprise, couriers need to drive the length and breadth of the nation to make deliveries. Huge vans, which commonly produce more emissions, need to be used to carry the delivery loads. For some organisations and businesses, being a green courier service might well have jeopardised the efficiency of their operations.

Greener Trucks

Although particular levels of carbon emissions are inevitable, courier services are making a large difference by purchasing ECO-Start technology. This Eco efficient technology has been placed in fleets of vehicles to help save fuel and therefore help reduce exhaust emissions. With ECO-Start, the vehicle’s engine instantly cuts out when it stops in traffic. Because of this fuel isn’t being wasted if the van is idling, and the very simple change can greatly decrease emissions.

New Fuels

Some organisations have invested in changing their petrol vehicle to more eco friendly bio fuel. This is not made from fossil fuels and produces much fewer emissions than diesel. Hybrid cars and smaller vans are also being trialled by some couriers, and they’re typically thought to be the cleanest forms of transportation.

Delivery Effectivity

Delivery firms have changed how they deliver parcels and packages to noticeably lessen wasted emissions. As opposed to always using the same fleet of bigger vans, smaller sized vehicles can be used for lighter loads. This is much more economically viable, in addition to being greener. Also, by calculating routes very carefully, numerous packages in one area can be delivered by one van, rather than several. Changes like these help the operation of the business, as well as developing a workforce of more environmentally friendly couriers.

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