How do fear and anxiety compare Anxiety and fear are not the same Amyas

8 December, 2012

Anxiety is different to fear, in that it is about something in the future that hasn’t even happened yet, or it could even be just a general feeling of worry. Fears however, happen in the present, and are usually about much more specific events or situations happening now or about to come about

Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, and is not unusually about an imminent event or something in the future with an uncertain outcome. However anxiety is a natural part of all our lives, and on occasions, can actually be quite a useful emotion. An illustration of this being useful could be feeling anxious about an approaching exam or test, and then using that anxiety to spur us on to study harder or in some way to make us better prepared.

Anxiety can be found as the basis for many psychological disorders such as panic attacks and pretty much every phobia that you could possibly think of. Sometimes feelings of anxiety can be hidden from the conscious mind but will definitely influence the subconscious mind and will find an outlet by attaching itself to some object or event.

However when fear, worry and anxiety become unnecessarily exaggerated it can trap the victim and seriously affect their daily lives. With people who have what is known as GAD Generalised Anxiety Disorder the origins of their intense anxiety that they struggle with may not even be in their conscious awareness. Even if they are aware it is quite often an exaggerated response in comparison with others in the same position.

When your life is immobilised with anxiety and fear you need to be aware that help is available nowadays and the negative situation can not only be reversed but your confidence enhanced greater than before with therapeutic counselling.

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