How Online Surveys Financed My First Web Site

16 February, 2015

How online Surveys Financed my First Web Site!

Online surveys alone financed my first web site. Getting paid to
take these online surveys is a win-win situation. Large
companies want your opinion on their products and services and
they are willing to pay you for it. These online surveys give
them good insight into their target market, people like you, so
they win. You win by getting paid for your time.

It all started about 5 months ago when I had finally decided I
wanted to start my own online business. I have a full time job,
a stay at home wife, and a 15 month old baby boy. I had no extra
money, as you can imagine, and didn’t want to risk my hard
earned salary without knowing if this venture would work. With
no idea on how to go about starting an online business and with
no startup capital, I did what all web surfers do; I surfed, and
I surfed, and I surfed.

During the course of my research I ran across some ads for
taking online surveys and getting paid for it. I was skeptical
at first, but when I researched the companies that offered
online surveys I found a few that were for real. So I signed up
with 3 of the sites.

Once you sign up you fill out some easy questionnaires about
yourself so the survey company can match you with one of their
clients looking for your demographic profile (e.g. age, sex,
where you live, what you do, etc…). Easy enough, still free, I
filled out my profiles and that was it, they let me know that
they would contact me when a survey that fit my profile was

Without skipping a beat I went back to my research. It was
becoming more and more evident that I would need to learn a lot
more before starting my own Internet business. I decided that
for any business venture you should be as prepared as possible.
And I still had no extra money to even give it a try. I was
still in my hunting and gathering phase.

Then one night while surfing the net, I got an email telling me
that a $10 survey was waiting for me. Great! I logged into my
account at the survey site and clicked the link to start the
survey. It took me about 20 minutes. This particular survey
company pays directly to your PayPal account (it took a couple
weeks to see the money, but I did see it.)

I was hooked. Over the next several months I received more
surveys. There are times when you don’t qualify for a survey.
This could even happen a couple times in a row. Don’t worry they
will keep sending them and you will qualify for a lot of them.

About 4 weeks ago I decided I knew enough about web sites, web
site hosting, web site promotion, newsletters, and most of the
basics of starting my own site. So I logged into my PayPal and
found $32 (all from surveys), and logged into my other 2 survey
sites, $20 dollars in one account and $45 in the other. I had my
startup money!

Taking these surveys enabled me to start my own business online
using only the money I made online. No out of pocket money was
needed to set up my site, get my domain name and start a hosting
plan. In reality this is more than enough money to start a
website backed business. I used only my PayPal money to set up
my web site, and not all of it. Yesterday, I deposited $40 of
survey money into my checking account and then transferred it to
my PayPal account. I now have a little war chest for financing
my online business.

Online survey companies (the real ones) don’t charge you to
join, don’t spam you when you do (I only get invitations from
them, nothing else), and pay you when your done. It can take up
to 4 weeks to get paid (sometimes less sometimes more). For me
this was not a problem since I was not yet knowledgeable enough
to start my web site.

I still spend most of my time surfing and learning but I also
understand the concept and dangers of procrastination. I did
take my time getting started based solely on financial reasons,
now that I have the money to get started that is exactly what I
am doing, getting started!

I want you all to know that making money online is a reality.
Surveys will make you money, I still take them as soon as they
hit my inbox, but you will not be able to quit your day job. If
you don’t give up and hang in there you can start your own web
business without touching any offline money. If you don’t want
to start a business then buy yourself or someone a gift with the
money you earn. It truly is easy money!

About the author:

Jason Glicken – Editor – The Affiliate Journal

Copyright 2005 – All Rights Reserved.

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