How Small Businesses Can Outperform Well Financed Competitors

26 August, 2014

How Small Businesses Can Outperform Well-financed Competitors

Online, Big Corporations spends huge amount of money on, site
building, online survey, advertising, search engine optimization,
etc., to attract traffic. But they cannot reach all online
surfers, they cannot give them one-on-one customer support.

This is where you come in.

Without spending a fraction of Big Corporation’s huge expenses,
you can beat them flat, and have a better, profitable online

Listed below are the do-able steps you are to follow. Remember,
all the steps become a child play when you apply the right tools.

(1.)Develop A Valuable Product Or Service:
This could be your own creation or someone else’s. Your product
must be in hot demand, what people are looking for, and what
they are willing to pay for.
This is the foundation of your business. It determines whether
you succeed or not.

(2.)Develop Your Own Site In The Niche That You Know And Love:
You need a professional website that tells the world what you are
offering. Even though you can hire a professional to do this, to
enhance your credibility, it could be very expensive.

With multi-functional tools like SiteBuildIt! you can do site
building, site hosting, site marketing all together at a minimal
cost, without HTML, programming skills or any extra software.

The products/services offered on your site must be in the area
that you know, your hobby, your life or work experience.

(3.)Fill Your Site With High-Value Content:
Online surfers are looking for information on various issues
bordering them, and they don’t usually know who or what they are
looking for.

How glad and relieved they are when they find a site providing
exactly what they want, or more. They don’t care whether the site
is built by a Big Corporation or an internet dummy they go for
the info and products on the site.

Do a lot of research on the products/services you are offering
and your target market and bring out high-value content that
overdelivers to your site visitors.

(4.)Use Your Content To Attract Your Own Niche-Targeted Traffic:
This is what Big Corporation don’t do, and is what you can do
with the right tools.
Your content should be search-engine friendly. Most surfers look
for information from search engines, let it be your own that they
find by working towards making your site’s pages included in the
top 10-20 results.

You can use your content together with any other simple, easy to
use business building tool to get search engine optimization,
free targeted traffic from around the world, through search

(5.)Use Your Content To Presell Your Targeted Visitors:
You need to develop trust and cofidence with your visitors by
writing your site content with their best interest in mind, not
just writing sales letters.

They must see you as a solution provider, a business consultant,
a helper not a salesman. This is the art of preselling, it works
far better than filling your site with flashing banners.

(6.)Convert Your Presold Traffic Into Sales Or Contract:
Create an “open-to-buy” mindset and smoothly introduces your
visitors to your monetizations offers. Let them know that your
products/services is the solution to their problems.

They are more inclined to buy from you now because they have
come to trust you as a friend offering them a valuable gift.

You may need “Make your Content Presell” a book by Ken Envoy to
help sharpen your skills in the art of e-persuasion.

(7.)Diversify Your Revenue Plan:
(ex., Google Adsense, Affiliate income, Referrer/finder
arrangement, other models, etc.), all related to your site’s
theme-based content.

The process is simple, information first income generation
About the Author

TopeNelson Ola is a Business Building and Marketing Expert. His
website located at http://www.myss.net/multipleprofit.html
reveals the tools and processes for unequal online business
success and making multiple streams of income.
You can also download free ebooks on Netwriting, Trafficking,etc.

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