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19 August, 2011

Here’s the way in which you design a appealing but cost-effective dried flowers wall quilt:

Just what do you need? 1 20″ x 24″ chunk of garment, 2 a few sheets of white cardstock, 3 12 pressed flowers that have leaves 4 and also a number of writing instruments, whitened adhesive and glue gun.

• Obtain fresh flowers, herbal plants and leaves. Press them in a flower press. In the instance you don’t have a flower press, force the plant matter in between two pieces of blotter paper or tissue situated in between the pages of a dense guide ever viewed a flick where a lady puts her suitor’s arrangement of flowers in among the pages of her journal for safe and secure keeping? Sentimental? Sure! Then again this gets results in this case, too. Insert a variety of weighty books on top this book with the flowers in it and have it that way for 2-4 weeks.

• Clear away the back panel of the frame. Prolong the cloth fabric over the top of the board. Crimp the perimeters of the fabric to the back portion of the board. Maintain it in spot with epoxy and the glue gun.

• The next step is to prep the flower pieces. Cut out 14 4-1/4-inch pieces out of the cardstocks. Align the pressed plant materials on squares. Cautiously fasten the plant materials to the cardstock.

• Placed the flower squares on the fabric-covered board. Determine you position them such that they are equally spaced. Keep each square in position by gluing it to the fabric. Return the frame on the back board.

There it is, your very own personal dried flowers wall quilt! Right now you can enhance your apartment, and just as well beautify the lives of other folks when you mail these dried flowers wall quilt as individualized gifts with just a spray of creativeness and a handful of easy-to-find materials!

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