How to Choose Sash Window Security Solutions

29 December, 2014

There are a wide variety of sash window security solutions available. While removing and upgrading entire glass panes could be considered, many experts suggest alternative methods. Retaining the elements of the building’s initial features can ensure its historic accuracy. These unique characteristics also help sustain the building’s commercial value.

Growing in popularity across England in the 1600s, the new design elements provided useful alternatives to casements. Rather than full panels swinging open, these new models slid vertically or horizontally in tracks. This type of motion provided much more flexibility to the homeowner. The panes could be slid open slightly, or pushed fully open to maximize airflow. This revolutionary design feature became widespread in colonial America during the 1700s, and remains a prominent feature among historic homes in the South and Northeast today.

Home insurance advise experts often suggest upgrading safety systems. When possible, the installation of double or triple-glazed panes are recommended. The sealed sections between the wooden frames provide better insulation, as well as enhance safety.

There are a wide range of effective locks on the market today. Bolted units are one of the top choices. They are easily installed, and are available in a diversity of models, including antique styles. When tightened, they secure the panels in closed positions.

The stops provide more flexibility, utilizing a pegged structure. Set-up includes drilling small holes in parallel strips along the stationary panels. When the pegs are inserted into the holes, they create a stop point, preventing panels from sliding any further. They can be positioned to prevent any opening, or moved into alternative slots to create smaller or wider openings.

A convenient, affordable back-up option are flip-locks. Easily installed with screws, they have a tab which can be flipped down to secure the moveable panel. To open the window, simply flip the tab up.

Keyed locks also come in a variety of appropriate models. Simple to install, they function with the use of a key. A variety of modern and vintage styles are available at affordable prices.

The easiest to set-up require no hardware. Home insurance advice experts suggest using this grip-type as a supplemental system, not the sole unit.

As historic buildings age, it’s good to maintain effective sash window security solutions. A vast selection of models and styles are available. Homeowners may choose a do-it-yourself approach, or hire experts to perform the tasks. Whichever options are chosen, market-value can be enhanced while safety features are upgraded.

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