How to Choose the Right Havanese for You

27 September, 2015

How To Choose The Right Havanese For You!

The sweet, playful expression of the Havanese has caught your
eye. You are hooked by their fluffy fur and affection. You
excitedly scope the classifieds and internet for a Havanese
breeder. You can’t wait to bring home a new puppy today!

Slow down. Take a moment and breath. Don’t be too quick with
your decision. It is optimal to find a Havanese that has the
personality, physicality, and connection that is top notch.
Therefore, it is beneficial to take the following factors into
account before selecting your specific Havanese.

While purchasing a new dog can be emotional, do not let your
emotions outweigh your practical side. You will have your dog
for their entire life which can be close to 20 years with a
Havanese. Therefore, you want to make sure that you find the
Havanese that is going to fit in with your family and enjoy its
new home. You must think about your dog’s needs as well as your

Set a goal to make an informed decision when choosing your
Havanese. The following are some of the issues you need to take
into account when you are faced with several different sweet
Havanese puppies to choose from.

The issues you should consider when searching for a Havanese

* finding a high quality breeder This is probably one of the
most if not the most important considerations to make before you
choose your Havanese Puppy. Choosing the wrong breeder may mean
you either buy a puppy that is not Pure Havanese, or one which
may not be as healthy as you would like and end up costing you
enormous in Vet bills.

* male versus female This, for many remains a personal decision.
Whether you prefer a Male or Female Havanese puppy is up to you
and what you are looking for in a puppy.

* age of the Havanese There are many owners who for some reason
or another no longer want their Havanese and give them up. This
means there are many older Havanese dogs that are waiting for a
new owner. You have a choice when you buy your Havanese. You can
either choose to buy a puppy or rescue an older dog.

* temperament/personality When you visit each Puppy you are
trying to choose between, you will certainly notice that they
each have their own personality. You will need to have an idea
as to what temperament or personality you are looking for in
your new puppy.

* health of the Havanese To save you expensive Vet bills and
possibly heartache, it is important that the Havanese you choose
is as healthy as can be. This also goes back to making sure you
choose the right Havanese breeder.

These are practical issues that must be evaluated so as to avoid
any troubling situations or unmet expectations in the future.

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