How to Compile Your Ebook

4 May, 2016

This is a crucial step, and there are a few things to look
out for when you are selecting software to compile your ebooks:

1. Is it in a form that is easy to download and for people
to read?
2. Can you protect the ebook with a password? Or even better, the eBook
Pro software package actually lets you to disable the ebook from a
remote server, in the case that someone uses a false credit-card or asks
for a refund, so you have complete security protection.
3. It look professional, and doesn’t have the logo of the ebook software
on the finished ebook.
4. Easy to use with help pages plus technical support available if you get
into trouble.

Here are the top software packages to have a look at:

Ebook Compiling Software

ebook publisher – this company has a great package which includes the
compiling software with password protection of ebooks. Also includes ebook
cover templates, info on creating websites, pop-up generator software and
some other bonuses as well.

generator – this company sells 3 different packages for compiling
ebooks which vary in price from $27 to $97. Their software enables you to
compile your ebook from HTML. Allows you to have affiliate id’s in the
ebook, it has password protection, registration of each buyer of the
ebook, and a number of other features.

Ebook Gold

This is also an ebook compiling software package. In the package they
include an ebook about how to create and market ebooks, call “eBook
secrets” by Ken Silver.

eBook Pro
– this is probably the most sophisticated ebook software on the market. It
enables you to protect your ebook so that it can’t be stolen of given out
for free.

Another option is to use Adobe Acrobat. Most people have
got the Acrobat Reader software on their computer, and if they don’t have
it they can download it for free, so it can be a good option. A lower cost
alternative to the Adobe software is some software called the PDF

Ebook Covers

You may want to create an ebook cover to make your ebook
look professional and ‘real’ to the visitors of your website. For
more information on ebook covers click here.

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