How to Easily Increase Your Google Adsense Online Revenue Using 4 Tips

17 January, 2014

Asem Eltaher asked:

Joining advertising programs is a great way to increase revenue for websites. These websites may be for large, medium or small businesses. However, many webmasters are not satisfied with the income they achieve. In this context, I assure that implementing few things to increase Google AdSense revenue is much easier than using some affiliate programs that are available for the same reasons.

A common mistake among most of the beginners that they create websites solely to generate income through advertising programs but that is against the rules laid out by most of the search engines that offer such programs.

You will need to promote or sell your own product or have a number of affiliate links in your website. And you should not forget that your blog will go under test first before you are going to be accepted. To this goal, there are many optimization tricks that you can implement to maximize your advertising online income.

Tip #1:

Advertising in banner formats is less successful than those set in wide rectangles. The color palette used should complement or blend in with the background color of the page.

Making the above suggested tweaks to the layout of your website should help increase Google AdSense revenue as internet surfers are highly oriented to click on links rather than advertisements. If after making these changes, you do not see high click through rates (CTR) and an improvement in the number of impressions your figures get, you will just need to optimize your campaign further. Read below to know how.

Tip #2:

Take your lowest performing units and change them into image only advertisements. Skyscrapers and leader boards often get overlooked because they are normally out of sight and visitors tend to miss them completely. Image only ads are a good alternative as they are normally cost per impression ads. This means that they will earn money each time the advertisement makes an impression, i.e. just looked at the ad.

Image only ads are also very useful when visitors are those who may use Google AdSense themselves. So they are less likely to click on the advertisements on your website but they are most likely to click on these images, which will be good for you anyway.

Tip #3:

If you are maintaining an online blog, then it is very useful to use the ads near the comments section of the page. Most people will globally navigate through your post, and if they have any questions or are looking for further information, they will normally go to the comments section.

This is why, it is very effective to place an ad unit in this section advertising a product that is related to the post, so the visitor is more likely to be interested in the product and, therefore, the probability that your ad is going to be clicked is definitely high.

Tip #4:

Another trick to increase Google AdSense revenue and have high CTR is to sell your website to other advertisers through the use of channels. Using these channels, you can write a small introduction to your website, where the ads will be placed and why the advertisers should use your website.

Based on my 2 years of trial and error, I would say that following the above mentioned 4 tips leads to a commitment to increase Google AdSense revenue.

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