How to Enforce Judgment Collections New York

27 July, 2014

Whenever credit is provided to an individual there is always a risk that the debt will not be repaid. With the down turn in this economy the number of people who are not able to pay their bills has grown extensively and this has forced many creditors to take legal action against those who are not able to meet their obligations. In this type of situation it’s important to understand how judgment collections New York work.

The common sentiment amongst experts is that a creditor must be prepared to act decisively if they wish to recover their loses. When the court case was decided upon the judge would have provided a time line for the debtor to repay their obligation. The moment that time limit expired it’s vital to begin more aggressive collection approaches without delay. This usually starts off with sending a letter by registered mail to the defendants home demanding payment immediately.

This letter should outline what is owed, that’s due right away and sent via registered mail to ensure delivery. Some individuals ask a law firm to send these letters with the hope that if the debtor sees a letter from a lawyer they will be more forthcoming with payment.

Sometimes the letter will not work and that is when the sheriff will need to be contacted, only the sheriff can legally seize the property of an individual to sell off and use the proceeds to satisfy a debt however the onus is on the creditor to provide evidence that the debtor actually owns the property.

If the sheriff is not able to acquire the property needed to satisfy the debt outstanding then the lender can petition to have the wages of the defendant garnished. This will require that the creditor know where the person works and a judge will rule in their favor.

Since all these steps are labor intensive there are times when it just makes better sense to enlist the help of a business that is specialized in judgment collections New York. They have the resources and expertise needed to achieve a desirable outcome.

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