How to Get a Million People to Visit Your Site

20 January, 2016

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to get thousands and even millions of people to your site

There are lots of ways to generate traffic to your site.
Here is an overview of some of the most powerful methods. The best
strategy is to use as many of these methods as possible.

Remember the key is not just to get thousands of people to
your site, but to get thousands of people who are actually looking for
what you are providing on the site. People who are willing to take out
their credit card and buy something, so that you actually get paid.

Get to the top of the search engines – If you can
get a top 10 listing with the free listings in search engines, you can get
heaps of traffic this way. Click
here for more info on how to get top 10 listings with the search engines.

Pay Per Click search engines – This is probably the
quickest way to get hits to your site. And the hits will be people that
are specifically looking for your product. The only problem with this
method is that it costs money for each visitor. For more information on pay
per click search engines click here.

Getting links from other sites – This is a great
way to get visitors to your site. And, in some cases you can get links
that don’t cost you anything. Once you have the link set up to your site,
then you will have a steady stream of visitors that you don’t even have to
pay for. Click here for more info on getting

Ezine Marketing – Ezines are another great way to
get qualified hits. Usually this involves putting a paid advertisement in
the ezine, however it is also possible to get free publicity for your site
by writing articles for Ezines. Click
here more more information on ezine marketing.

Bulk Email Marketing – You should not and cannot
send unsolicited emails (or spam emails) to millions of recipients. It’s
illegal, and it doesn’t work. However you can get great hits from targeted
bulk emails. Click
here for more information on this.

Marketing in newsgroups and forums – this is not a
great method for promoting your product … and if you do it you must be
professional in your approach. Spamming newsgroups does not work, and will
get you banned. However if you have no money it might be a way to start.
For more information
on newsgroups click here.

Other methods I don’t recommend:

Guaranteed Hits – there are a number of sites
selling you ‘guaranteed hits’. What this usually means is pop-ups on other
people’s sites. You site will come up as a pop-up or pop-under when they
visit the other site. The problem with ‘guaranteed hits’ is that they are
also usually guaranteed to be very poor quality. Most people will close
your site window immediately and will not take any notice of your site at
all. You can get them pretty cheap however, and pop-ups can work for some
products. If you do use this method, make absolutely sure that you track
very carefully to find out how many sales you actually get from these

Off-line advertising – large companies may be able
to afford to advertise their site off-line, but for the little guy it is
usually very expensive. What you can do is to make sure that you have your
site listed on your business cards, letterheads … and any promotional
material related to your business.

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