How To Get Car Stone Chips Repaired Alexandras

14 July, 2011

Have you ever needed to take your car to a body shop for a small body fix only to find that they want to keep your vehicle for numerous days. Apart for the obvious nuisance the outlay involved in even repairing a paint scratch seems to be rather disproportionate. Perhaps the explanation they keep your vehicle for so long is to give explanation for the high costs they make for the repair, after all you have no way of knowing how much time was spent on the repair.

Having a body shop repair a car paintwork scratch often ends up being costly.

There is now a very real option to using costly car body repairers. By using a mobile SMART Small to Medium Area Repair Technology repairer to carry out the repair work to cars you can probably save pounds on repairs that will typically be finished on the same day at a considerably lower rate.

Instead of taking your car to the body shop you simply wait at home or your place of work for the technician to turn up. Admittedly you will not get major accident damage undertaken in this way but the list of services covered is pretty broad i.e. car bumper scuffs, car mirror housing repairs, and if you have ever kerbed your wheels then even alloy wheel refurbishment can be undertaken on site Why take your car to a body shop and lose the use of it for a number days when you could have specialized car body repairs carried out at your home or work. Although you cant get major crash damage fixed by a mobile car repair technician most minor damage can be fixed with no trouble, mobile bodywork repairers offer a complete list of services such as: car bumper damage repairs, car mirror housing repairsinvisible car scratch repairsrepairs to scratched alloy wheels, and even removal of dents to cars.

Car paint scratches and stone chips can be effectively repaired without the need to respray half a car. By using Sprayless Scratch Repair Technology SSR small areas can be repaired without the need to repaint the whole panel this manages to keep the cost down. The results for a repair to a stone chipped bonnet is very remarkable. Countless people wonder how to repair bonnet stone chips, stone chips to a car can be repaired using specialist tools by a professional mobile technician for a fraction of the price of a body shop, after the stone chips are repaired using the Sprayless Scratch Repair technology car panels will look as good as new.

Other services provided by a SMART repairer include repairing cigarette burns to upholstery, invisible repairs to dashboard damage, alloy wheel refurbishment and car leather seat repairs.

SMART repairs are a real cost effective alternative to the bodyshop, perhaps instead of claiming through you insurance company the lower cost of a SMART repair may well be less than your insurance excess.

If you want to remove the stone chips away from you car contact a mobile expert body repair specialist .

You can get any of these repairs done at your home or workplace by using a mobile repair service:
» Alloy wheel repairs
» Cigarette burns
» Car Leather repairs
» Dashboard repairs
» Bumper scuff repair
» Bumper crack repair
» Localised paint repairs
» Stone chips repair
» Car scratch repairs
» Dent removal
» Paintless dent removal
» Car Exterior trim repairs
» Colour coding of bumpers,
moldings & mirror casings
» Texturised bumpers
» Mirror casing repairs
» Repair Vandal key scratches
» Plastic welding
» Removal of car stickers and graphics

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