How to Get Cheap Hotel Rooms for the Best Price

18 November, 2014

Most hotel rooms that are shown on television all claim to offer the lowest pricing. If you have been recently talked into booking a room through your travel agent’s business, many times this is the more expensive route compared to online rates. When you book through a referral, the person that operates your transaction are paid based on commission, making it ideal to raise the price to cover their wage.

One note is that online is not always the cheapest, whether it is from a third party or even the original hotel company itself. However, we have found out the best tactics to earn you the lowest hotel rates possible. Your rates may vary.

Sites or TV advertising that claims a “guarantee” lowest price often attract millions of customers to their catering. You should never take a word from a TV advertisement but instead compare rates, which can be done on Hotels.com.

What to Watch Out For

Always be cautious on deals that claim a “second night free” with addition service booked. It usually becomes more expensive than just booking a second night the normal way.

You will often hear about package deals. Some will tend to be worth the lower cost of benefits while others use the wording to their advantage.

Packages that include services like “get-away package” or a “honeymoon night” packages will often add in high service costs towards your hotel rate with only basic assets, such as a box of chocolate or a cheap bottle of champagne.

To be sure if you’re not getting less than what you pay for, compare services individually.

An important note is that websites do not know hotels as well as they should. While they may help you find the lowest rate, will they help you find the cleanest one?

Websites do not contain in-depth information such as sanitary levels or rooms where the water pressure is at its best. To book the right room, always ask to speak to a hotel worker about the best room location and which ones to avoid. Some rooms may be near the trash dumps while other rooms are near busy walkways.

Have you tried calling at the last minute? Most hotels lower their rate just before certain dates if they’re not able to fill up their rooms.

Look at the smaller chain of hotels or alternatives. Independently owned or small hotels are much cheaper due to the limited use of marketing and advertisement use. Most of these hotels will not be found through comparison websites either, so it’s in your best interest to Google map hotel for more information.

Hotels Tips and Tricks

There may be a time where you have made a reservation and wish to not stay at that hotel any longer. Should this be the case and that you are no longer able to cancel the reservation because the due date of cancellation has past, simply ask to postpone your room. Once you do this, call back and then cancel your room. This works because hotels set a certain time period where if your reservation comes close, they make it so that you will not be able to cancel it.

Never dial the 1-800 numbers. These calls are routed to customer representatives that are bind to corporate pricing. There is little that can be done and you will not get a cheaper rate through this method.

Instead, call the hotel that you have in mind and ask to speak to the manager that is available. These individuals have more authority and room to provide you a better or higher discount.

To have a better chance of negotiation, call ahead on a Sunday afternoon. This way, you are likely to be talking to a manager that knows an empty room that is likely to be vacant by Monday morning.

The longer you stay the lower the rate your hotel rooms should be. If your room is booked around 7 days, see if there is a weekend rate towards your stay. Most business travelers do not stay during Saturdays or Sunday to reap this rate.

You should always ask for a room that has been declared out of order. These rooms typically contains something unusable, such as a broken TV set, a stain on the furniture or anything that isn’t considered up to par with the hotel. These rooms will get you a discounted rate if you’re willing to stay in them that lack normal standards.

Geographic location will have a huge effect on pricing as well. Usually the lowest rate can be found at airport hotels because of low vacancy.

By taking these tips into consideration, you will most likely gain a greater discount rate in your hotel rooms. Hotels never want to let higher-paying customers know that the same room can be bought at a lower rate. It is up to you to negotiate with hotel managers to earn yourself a cheaper price, or to find the cheapest one available at Hotels.com.

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