How to Get More Tips Bartending

2 October, 2015

There is no limit on how much you can make as a bartender.  It is your duty to know all types of drink that a customer may throw at you, and to execute it fast enough. Assuming that you know how to serve drinks with basic etiquette, here are some important techniques that you need to know to increase your tip.

Remember Names

A person’s own name is the sweetest word of all. Unless the situation for calling someone’s name is for a negative reason, you should make this your number one priority—remembering names. If you think you will be able to remember who is who as your shift progress, take into account of getting your customer’s name. Start out by stating your name and then ask your customer’s name.

On the other hand, if you are the type to forget names, it would be in your best interest to not take this advice. Reason being is because no name calling is better than calling someone the wrong name, which may offend someone and reduce your tip.

Be a Friend

Instead of treating them like your customer, treat them like your friend. If you find them indecisive for a certain type of drink, tell them you will make a specialty drink for them.

Also ask them about their day and make conversation when appropriate. Your interaction with your friends should be how you socialize with your customers, depending on how long and how well you know them.

It isn’t wise to treat new customers like your long best friend if you don’t know their personality yet. Try testing the water first before executing friendship mode, such as cracking a joke and seeing how they respond to it.

Remember Favorite Drinks

If there is a customer that comes in asking for the same drink all the all, ask them “the usual?” Not only does this give off a very personal message, customers like to see that you pay attention to their usual drinks. It makes them think that you take into account of their drinks seriously.


If you are too busy and cannot make a drink for new waiting customers, tell them that you’ll get back to them as soon as possible. They like to be noticed and this will keep their tension down.

By not acknowledging them, you give off the message that you don’t want to serve them drinks. While you may be genuinely busy, this is how a customer’s prospective sees it as.

The Regulars

More than likely, the people who comes in regularly will only tip like every other days. The same person who comes to your bar will likely tip the same. These people also tend to tip low as well, but do not lower your service just because of this.

Too many bartenders lower their service expectation due to this. However, you need to show appreciation for them coming frequently. Try engaging in a casual conversation with them, and even go beyond your service performance. If they see something more than out of the ordinary, they will likely tip better.

Be Cheerful

No matter how bad your day is, truthfully your customers will not care. Being in a bad mood makes it uneasy for your customers to enjoy their drinks. Remember that everyone likes someone who is enjoying themselves. It gives no return if you put up a negative mood, so why not pretend to be upbeat?

The more fun your customer seem to be enjoying themselves, the more they will likely tip higher.

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