How to Get Paid for Reading Emails

31 July, 2013

How nice would it be to get paid reading emails? Like most individuals, they don’t think that this is a possible way making money online, but if you were to own a company that only paid a few cents to have someone read your e-mails (in hope that they will be interested in your product) you too would pay that small amount. There are times where you will earn a few cents, but there are also times where you will earn a few dollars as well. We’ll explain how this this is possible and what you can do to get started.

E-mailing is a great form of advertisement. Several companies that want to get their products heard or seen will pay those who click on their e-mail ads. Generally, you will earn a few cents for doing this, but when you actually take interest in their products and submit for a free trial or so, they’ll usually pay you a few more dollars. (depending on the company)

If you prefer to not get spammed in your personal e-mail, you can always sign up to websites that provide this kind of advertisement to that website’s platform. The benefits that advertisers gain from this is that their ads gets viewed by many and you earn the benefits of not getting spammed through your personal e-mail.

The downfall of this is that there are a few websites that will only pay you. For reading this article, you will earn the benefits of knowing which websites (that we know) that will actually pay you. Below are two legitimate websites that we recommend you sign up on: Matrixmail.com and Donkeymail.com

Do note that although you can earn money from reading e-mails, it isn’t a get rich scheme, but more of a side job to get earn extra money.

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