How to Get Your Girlfriend Back What to do and NOT to Do Felixs

4 August, 2012

So, you’ve just been finished with. That is why you are reading this post, isn’t it? I advise that you sort your head out. Relax first before you read on. I’m here to help you and let you know you exactly how to get girlfriend back as quick as possible.

First, I will tell you about the push and pull phenomenon. In a break up the more you pull your girl, the more your ex will push away from you. This is natural in a break up. Here are some ways you can use the this phenomenon.

Are you text messaging or calling your ex girlfriend many times every day? STOP! This is the wrong way to do it. What you should do is have as little communication with your ex girlfriend as you can. Stop emailing, stop phoning, and stop thinking about your ex.

When you have stopped contacting her, your ex girlfriend will get the chance to things through for herself. She will have some time and space to reflect. She will appreciate this. In fact, she will start to miss you.

I know that you want to get your girl back. However, you don’t want to be so needy and hopeless. Being needy and desperate will only drive your ex away. This is still the push and pull phenomenon at work. What you should do is act like everything is okay with you. Smile often and be normal with other people.

You ought to spend time with your friends, get into sports, or get a new activity. This will stop you thinking about your ex. Don’t forget that the more you pull your ex, the more you will drive her away. So just take it easy, and keep away from your ex for the while.

Although it might feel natural to do the reverse, this is the first step to getting your girlfriend back.

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