How To Go On 3 Dates That Wont Hurt Your Wallet

12 September, 2015

Money is tight but you still want to treat your special someone to a great date? Not to worry! You can still have a great time on a budget. Try one of these dates that can easily be done for under $20. For best results, personalize the date. Make sure you know that the date is just for them!

Go on a picnic!

Especially on warmer days, a picnic can make for a great date. Pack up some of their favorite foods in a basket and head to a park, beach, or anywhere you feel like eating! You can make the foods yourself or purchase them cheaply at a grocery store. The real magic of this date is all of the places you can go! Picnic downtown? Find some picnic tables or benches to eat in their favorite part of town. Go to a beautiful park. Love the beach? Bring a blanket for a picnic in the sand.

Have a night in!

Who says you have to go out to “go out”? You can have a romantic night in. Cook dinner at home, rent a movie, and spend some quality time cuddled up on the couch. For an added touch you can dim the lights and use candles. If you can cook, your date will love being cooked for. If you can’t, order in their favorite type of food. Rent a movie ahead of time or play one off of Netflix, but be sure to try and offer them selection if you aren’t sure what they want to watch!

Take a class!

This one may sound expensive but it can be done for very little. Check out your local newspaper or classified ads. Many community centers, churches, and senior centers offer free or inexpensive classes in art, cooking, foreign language, dance, and many other areas. Spend some time learning and bonding. Art classes can be especially fun. Decide ahead of time to exchange your works of art after the class!

Don’t let your wallet keep you from having a great time with your date! There are so many other great dates you can plan on a budget. Site-seeing, local plays and musicals, shows by local bands, and more! Take some time and look around and fun and interesting date ideas will start to show up everywhere you look without taking a huge hit to your cash.

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