How to Make Better Tips As a Server Waiter or Waitress

20 July, 2013

The food industry is one of the busiest business out there. If you are ever in need of quick cash, working as a servant may be one of your best option to take.

In order to make really good money, you need to see your job as an opportunity where you can gain huge sum of money if done right. Want to become a better waiter/waitress? Here are many advices on the things that you can do in order to increase your tips.

To take this opportunity more seriously, we know that you can be walking home with over a grand in your pocket at any time. There is no fixed amount. With that said, here’s what you need to be aware of.


When customers sit down on your table, treat them like your friends. Instead of telling them your name and giving them time to think about their food selection, interaction! Interaction is very important because when you do so, they grow into knowing you more, and the more someone knows you, the more kindness they tend to show.

If you are unable to have a quick interaction because you are absolutely busy, do inform them with something like “Hi there folks, I have a little bit going on in my hands in the past few minutes, and I just wanted to let you know I usually like to know my guests first before serving them. I’ll try to get to get back to you folks as soon as possible.”

By informing them that you are busy and would like to interact with them, they will feel appreciated because you are letting them know ahead of time. First impression is everything.

Presenting Yourself

A great attitude is key to better tips. Remember to always smile and talk to your customers in a pleasing tone. Make them feel welcome and be warmed-hearted.

Impress your guests by being confident and making them comfortable around you. Make sure that you are having fun as well. Customers come to eat, but when they are having fun while eating, that is a bonus going towards your tip.

If you have a bad day, showing that is not going to help by them giving you sympathy; it will only hurt your tips more. So try to forget your problems when you are at work because who knows, maybe their generous tip may lighten up your day.

Be Knowledgeable

When you have repeating customers coming back to you, you are definitely on the right track. Sooner or later, you should know them enough to the point where you can predict their food and drink selections. If so, ask them if they are going to have what they usually do. If you can pull this off, this will be a tremendous step towards being a great server.

People like to have attention. When you show them that you know what they like, it shows them that you pay attention to their selection every time they come. Not only will they feel important, they feel the bonded connection with you.


As mentioned at the beginning, interaction is one of the biggest factor when it comes to tips. Your customers like to feel like they wanted there. Show them that through your interaction. Make them laugh, smile, happy! Perhaps you should ask them how they like their food or how their day is going. Whatever you do, do not just leave them there eating quietly!

This especially goes for someone who is dining alone. We all know how lonely it is to eat by ourselves. If this is the case, make sure you make that person not feeling left out. Make his/her experience enjoyable by getting to know them. Everyone likes to talk about themselves so ask whatever comes to mind. Ask them why they picked this dish. Ask them why they came out to eat. You get the point.

Time For Tips!

Whenever a customer asks for a check and they give you a credit card, make sure you do the following: Look at the name of the card holder, and when you give it back, say their last name and thank them for coming.

A person’s name is arguable one of the most important word as it defines an individual from the rest. Your customers will be shocked at the fact that you took the time to find out their name and saying it.

Overall Conclusion

By getting to know your guest more, you not only make them feel important, you raise the chances of getting a better tip. Everyone likes to be served, but it makes a huge difference when someone serves someone while creating a connection. Overall, be outgoing, be kind, be thoughtful, and look your best, because these factors are what accounts in having a better tip.

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