How to Make Money As Kids

16 July, 2015

Plenty of kids would like to make money. We remember the days where we wanted to make money just as bad as you. The only problem was that most jobs required you to be older. While you may hear the popular ‘start your own lemonade’ stand, you won’t be hearing it from us in here. Although starting one can be great (hence why it’s always recommended), there are other plenty of ways to make money as kids. If you’re looking for ways to make some cash to buy that new video game or anything else, here are some tips on what you can do that will bring you closer to that wanted item.

Helping the Elderly

We’re sure the elderly people could always use  a hand or two. See if there are any around your neighborhood that would like help around the house, such as cleaning the furniture or moving some things around. Perhaps even offer grocery shopping for them when you go buy your own food. They may pay you to do so since they’d much rather not go out shopping and like to stay home instead.

Doing Lawn Maintenance

Whether it’s mowing the lawn, watering the plants every other day, digging up rocks; just basic yard work, you can ask your neighbors and see if they need anything done. You probably won’t be able to do this everyday, so see if multiple of them are willing to have your service. Remember that the better and faster you do, the better the chance of them calling you back week after week to maintain their yard.

Selling At School

While you will make a lot of money selling candy, gums, and/or chips, you are likely to get in trouble if you get caught. Because of this, we don’t recommend you taking this path if necessary. However, to provide you an insight of what to do, you should always buy low and sell high. That way, you make money from your profit. You should sell the kind of candy that most students are willing to buy, while having a few variety to choose from. As you keep on selling, more students will know about you from the power of spreading words. Be careful though as this happen because spread of words can always go through teachers and principal, making you in trouble. It’s best to keep low and sell only through trusted students. Many kids including ourselves reported to making up to $40 in a single day. One of us did get caught however, so be careful!

Making Money Through Students

Many times, students will rather sit down and have someone else get their things for them. One encounter where you can make money doing this is getting someone’s food for them and keeping their change. Usually they will ask you to buy something from the vending machine and the change that you get will be yours. If they don’t have any change left over, you can always ask for generosity. Before taking on this service, make sure you tell them your policy from the start so that they know what to expect.

Perhaps the above options has already been said to you over and over

Regardless of what you heard so far, you’ve been hearing the same thing over and over; baby sitting, mowing lawns, car wash, helping others, etc. You’ve probably even heard about cleaning old people’s feet! So to tell you something that you’re likely to have not heard yet:

Filling Out Online Surveys

There was an article covered about this here. We won’t go too much in dept about how it works and all of that. What we will tell you is that it works because there are always companies and businesses looking for ways to improve their sales. Take iPods as an example. Each generation is getting better and more fitted for the population. This is because consumers take surveys and give their opinions on what they want. When an Apple product comes out that is more fitted towards the population’s need, they will attract more people and make more money. Because of things of likes this, companies and businesses are willing to pay you to give your opinions. You can even get paid to give opinions on video games as well! Get Paid To Take Free Online Surveys now!

Amazon MTurk

We also covered an article of MTurk here. Since most websites do not allow kids to earn income because of their age, you can still earn money value like gift cards to use on Amazon.com. Amazon has many things to choose from, such as video games, movies, clothes; almost anything you’re able to find in stores. Best of all, you can immediately start gaining money right now if you sign up and start working. Click here and start working towards that new game you’ve been wanting! You do need to have an Amazon account so make sure you sign up on Amazon.com as well.

Doing Homework For Others

This one is always easy because kids don’t like to do their homework. Your parents may not approve you of going around neighborhoods asking for work, but they won’t know that you’re making money by doing other kids’ homework! If you’re good at math, love typing papers, or even giving them answers, you can start charging kids money for these type of things. These are just a few things that can get you started if you’re too young to look for a job or just want an easy way to make money. If you have any suggestion or stories, feel free to share them!

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