How to Make Money Online Using Adsense

26 May, 2015

Will Randolph asked:

Most people that try to make money online with AdSense fail. This is for a couple of reasons. When you’re a total beginner it is easy to waste all of your time and money getting suckered by the scam artists that prey on the ignorant. It’s sad but if those shysters don’t get you then you will most likely fall into the mind numbing trap of chasing social traffic and it will be six months before you realize that you’re neglecting your health and you family and not being compensated for all of your very hard work. This is when most people quit and figure that making money online is just one huge scam.

Well, they are right, at least partly. It is a waste of time to chase social traffic. For one thing social traffic does not convert. Social traffic is made up of other bloggers. These people are internet savvy, they don’t click on ads and they don’t buy your products. Even if they do buy your products they will end up substituting their own affiliate ID and you won’t get the commission anyway. This is why chasing social traffic with sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, and Reddit is a huge time sink and won’t make you any money.

The only real way to make money online is to rank high in the SERPs (search engine ranking pages). And when I talk about search engines I am really talking about Google because most people who are not online go to Google to search when they want to find something out. At least 80% of regular folks use Google for their searching needs. So, if you rank high on Google, you make money.

The trick is getting a high ranking. How is it done?

Google ranks blogs for certain keywords and their long tails. The first thing a G bot scans is your blog’s title, then your subtitle, then your side bar, then your post title, then your post. You want to put your target keyword in all of those places to tell the G spiders exactly what your blog is about. This is called on page search engine optimization (SEO).

Search engine optimization is important when you are trying to make money online with AdSense. First of all, you want to make it easy for Google to place relevant ads on your page so you can get the highest click through rate (CTR) possible. If G doesn’t know what your blog is about they will put public service ads (PSA) which will earn you between 1 and 3 cents a click on your pages.

The reason that chasing social traffic is such a waste of time, besides them not actually converting, is that they are un targeted traffic. Meaning that if they do click on an ad they are not likely to buy what is on the next page. This will prompt Google to pay you very little for your poorly converting traffic.

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