How to Market Your Website with Pinterest

9 May, 2016

Pinterest is a relatively new social media network that is based upon sharing images. Being that most of its users are females, it is largely targeted towards anything that has to do with beauty, clothing, and food.

For those who own an e-commerce website or a business, Pinterest may be very useful for driving traffic to your website. It works by you posting up an image that is able to capture the audience visually. If they find it in their favor, they have the option to either “re-pin”, like, or comment on your posting. This may essential be what earns visitors to your website or business from Pinterest.

How would this drive traffic? Whenever you post an image, you have the ability to link it back to your site that either sells or talks about the product. That is, If your image is interesting enough to be clicked on.

To be sure that your business or website is a match for Pinterest, users on this website normally look for recipes, decoration, designs, clothing, and do-it-yourself crafts. Of course there is more topics on there, but the 5 listed ones are the biggest. If there is no relation to any of these topic mentioned, your business or website may not earn much visitors’ interests.

On the other hand, if you do qualify for those type of topics mentioned, you may benefit greatly from traffic and possible sales.

What is Pinterest

Pinterest is largely based on others following someone else. Whenever someone re-pins something, it’s like a word of mouth to mouth advertising, only that it is done visually. Anything that gets re-pinned will be posted with the same content from the person who re-pinned it. Good pins are images that clearly explain what the details or intentions are without much description.

As an example, if you are in the clothing industry, posting a well shot model wearing clothing’s that you are trying to market may attract someone’s eyes. When this happens, that user will click on the image to enlarge it, and then click it once more to go to the designated URL embedded.

A tip to capture eyes is to have high quality picture content. It’s not whether you have lots to content to show, but more of the quality to it. It means that whatever landing page you decide to link back to, make sure that it is optimized to give what the users were looking for from the pin.

We will use the clothing example again. If a user clicks on image clothing that you pinned, and clicked once more to be redirected to your website, make sure that the embedded URL is an exact clothing design that was pinned. In order words, don’t just link back to your website if the image is eye catching but the website is irrelevant to it. Make sure that your website relates.

Gaining Followers

Another way to get your name out there is to start following the big names on Pinterest. As this is proven on Twitter, whenever you follow big and popular figures, they may follow you back, which give off the message to other people that you should be followed.

Another way to gain followers in Pinterest, find who is pinning your content and follow them. They will likely follow you back.

As you gain more and more follows on Pinterest, you develop a trustee behind your name. Whenever something is pinned, your followers see what it is, and become more favored towards it rather than a stranger.

Note that you do need to be active in the board that you are trying to promote. Remember that users like to see new things. At the same time, you should not spam pins just because you like it. There should be a limit of how often you share things with others. In other words, balance on pinning too much or too little. A recommend 5 per board per day would be a start.

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