How to Maximize Your Money with Just Been Paid

4 January, 2018

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I got about 20 emails from different people a couple of days ago asking if how can they make the most of the money from just been paid with less risk of losing money. In order to calculate the risk versus reward you have to know two important things from just been paid.

  1. When to withdraw your balance that is equals to your capital or more.
  2. Preparing for the next restart.

Below is a video that I created showing you different strategies on how to withdraw your money from just been paid as far as possible.

Probably you will ask, “Why do I need to withdraw my capital as fast as possible?”

Well, it’s a fact that we cannot control what will happen in the future and even if just been paid is the most lucrative money making program on the internet today we cannot deny the fact that in

every money making program there’s always a risk. I’m not saying this to scare you but I want you to be aware of that fact and it just make sense if I will teach you on how to be on the “winning side of the game”, sounds good?

Always remember that when you put your money into a program and you haven’t yet cash out 100% of your capital, you on the “liability” side of the game. But once you are able to cash out your capital and still makes money from the program, that is what we call “asset”. So that video above is just an example on how to build an asset from the program and avoid getting into the losing side of the game.

Preparing for the next restart

It is very important to plan ahead of time on what you are going to do before the next restart.

Because based on my observation it will prolong your profits in jbp if you haven’t cash out 100% of your capital when the restart come. As per Restart FAQS all accounts that are in profit

will get up to 40% conversion of their jss tripler. Meaning if you have 100 tripler positions before the restart it will give you a possible 90 – 60 positions after the restart. So your daily income from jss tripler will be reduced. But those converted jss tripler position will be transferred to your jss matrix ( 4 jss tripler positions is equal to 1 jss matrix position ).

If you have no just been paid account yet, go ahead and register an account here.

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