How to Obtain a Bad Credit Home Loan or Refinance with Bad Credit

11 June, 2017

How to Obtain a Bad Credit Home Loan or Refinance with Bad Credit

Many people believe that if they have a bad credit score, then
they cannot get a home loan. However, this is not true, since
bad credit home loans are readily available. If you have bad
credit and you apply for a home loan, then more emphasis is
placed on the down payment required on the bad credit home loan.

The down payments on the bad credit home loans usually range
from 3% to 5%. If you do not have enough money to pay the down
payment, then you can borrow it from a friend or a relative.
However, before doing that, you must check with your bad credit
home loan lending company, because some companies do not allow
this. Once you finance your home, you should be able to get a
second and a third mortgage, and then you can repay your friend
or relative.

If you do not want to borrow money to pay the down payment of
your bad credit home loan, then an alternative is to look for a
down payment assistance program. These programs legalize down
payments, which otherwise are usually illegal.

To easily convince the lenders to provide you with a bad credit
home loan, you must try and improve your credit rating. To do
this, you must make sure that you pay all your bills on time,
and buy a major credit card, if you do not have one. Also, you
must keep a check on your credit score and credit report.

In deciding whether or not to provide you a bad credit home
loan, the lending companies focus on a number of factors such as
loan-to-value ratio, monthly income, and debt-to-income ratio.
However, there is always a scope of negotiation, and thus you
should not hesitate in negotiating for more favorable terms on
the bad credit home loan.

How to Do Bad Credit Refinance

You may have heard that people with bad credit can’t get
anything financed. Well that’s a myth because there are many
companies that will offer you refinancing and loans no matter
what your credit rating looks like. Therefore how to do bad
credit refinance is not a problem. But how can one tell if they
have bad credit? The major indicators of whether or not you have
bad credit are the following:

*If you have a FICO score of 620 or lower *In the past 12 months
you have had two or more 30-day delinquencies *Or in the past 12
months, you have had a 60-day delinquency *If there has been a
foreclosure or a charge off against you in the past 12 months
*If you have filed for bankruptcy in the past 60 months or have
been declared as bankrupt *If you’re debt-to-income ratio is 50%
higher (simply stated your income can’t cover the debt expenses)

It’s best to know your credit scores before you make a decision
how to do bad credit refinance any other loan. The other areas
to look for are the loan amount that you are seeking, credit
reputation that you have (that is your credit score and your
history), and the collateral that you willing to put up (roughly
the amount that equal to your loan amount), and of course the
ability that you can pay back the debt. Therefore lenders always
prefer lower score borrowers than those with higher scores.

Look for lenders who process loans in-house rather than
outsourcing for credit refinance. This saves time as well as
money. Also, look for experienced loan counselors who can give
you the best advice. Some companies will also offer you the
facility to check for the status of your loan online 24/7. Shop
around for rates and various terms and conditions. The longer
you shop, the better chance you will have of finding your ideal
refinance package.

With online Internet access you can easily shop and compare
companies who are very competitive to earn your business.
Today’s consumer are now empowered because of the many websites
that are availble to get a bad credit home loan or a bad credit

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