How to Save at the Grocery Store

1 May, 2014

Saving at the grocery store can be easier than you think.  I know you have probably heard the old saying, do not go to the grocery store hungry because you will buy more (all the food looks so darn good!) and that is definitely true.  However, there are several other tips that can also help you as you go about your shopping trip.

1.  Coupons are certainly a good way to save money and the Sunday paper is not                    the only the place to go find them anymore.  There are many coupon sites on the internet and you can easily print them on your home computer. 

2.  Sometimes you can even save more than with coupons on generic brands.  Not all generic brands are the same – I believe that, but some are pretty good.  In my area we have Kroger, and their brand of items is generally pretty good.  I often buy Kroger coffee and cereal and the savings are usually at least 25%.

3.  Make a list, make a list, and make a list!  This is something you should do with all your shopping, but particularly at the grocery store.  Stores use marketing techniques to place items strategically to get you to buy them, especially on impulse.  Why do you think all the candy is right by the checkout at a grocery store?

4.    Look for items on sale and plan ahead if you can.  This is the one time I advocate straying from your list if needed.  For example, let’s say your grocery store is running a special on coffee and you are regular coffee drinker – then buy 2 packages rather than 1.  If you are going to overbuy like this, make sure it is something that will keep.

5.  Use the weekly flyers that come in your mail from the grocery stores.  Those typically list the best specials of the week.  You do not always find the things on sale just by walking the aisles.  This way you know exactly what you are looking for.

Good luck and happy shopping!

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