How to Save Money Fast

17 March, 2017

We talk about saving money but why save money in the first place? Is there any benefit that comes after saving money. You might be saving for your new car, holiday or an emergency fund but why should you save money.

Here are 4 reasons why you should save money.

Reason 1:  You remove finacial stress in your life

Not having savings in your savings account can make you live a stressful life. The stress comes from you worrying about your financial situation each time anything happens in your life that needs money. So to live a financial stress-free life make sure you have some savings in your account.

Reason 2:  You will boost yourself confidence

Knowing that you have some money set aside for emergencies will boost your confidence toward saving money.

Reason 3:  You can plan ahead

When you save money you can plan  for your future spending easily.

Reason 4:  You can look forward to the unexpected

If you don’t have savings you will not look forward to the unexpected you will be filled with fear.

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A fixed low rate

Choosing a card with a fixed low rate is a good idea as you will know your repayments each month. You will have an idea of  the charges on your credit card, depending on your balance.

Beware of low  introductory offers

If you take a credit card and do not wish to use the available credit  on it on a regular basis but want to use a your card on one off purchase, choose a card that has low interest rate until you pay off the credit. Beware,  most credit cards providers that offer a very low rate at the start usually have their rates increased after short time. Credit cards companies prefer customers  who uses their credit cards regularly so that that they can benefit on interest.

Grace period

If you prefer to pay off the whole amount on you credit card every month to avoid interest, look for credit cards that has a grace period.  This allows you to pay off the outstanding balance with no charges.A card without a grace period will begin charging you interest the moment that the purchase is made.

Cash advance fees

Cash advances always come at a price, they is always a catch on cash advances. Most credit cards providers tend to charge interest at a higher rate for a cash advance.

Consider credit card protection

Taking credit card protection may seem like an unnecessary cost now, but credit card fraud has doubles in recent years.  Protection plan protect you from any unauthorised payments on the card.

Stay within your credit card limit

If you spend wisely and live within your means, you shouldn’t exceed your limit.

With all being said I would warn you thatspending  money you have (cash) is better than spending  money you do not have (credit card).Paying off that credit will  depend on many factor s .eg you still have you job your job.  In these hash economical times it is difficult to  know the certaintyof your future earnings.

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